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27 Oct 2015
Unbelievable game with both teams wasting a two-goal advantage to end only picking a point. Óscar and Otero continue to score. The defence suffered a lot with the throw-ins and with David Mitogo,

Goalkeeper David Gómez was back despite he was the second goalie for Víctor Sánchez in the visit to Málaga CF. Strikers Borja Domingo and Marcos Legaz were still injured and Ben Fisk was back, the curious thing is that coach Manu Mosquera used him a as a right-back. Quique Fornos was playing with Juvenil A, while Blas Alonso was injured, so there wasn’t a specific player for that position.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1. David was the keeper, Canadian Fisk played at the right side in defense, Jorge Fernández performed on the left, the centre-backs were Iago López and Róber Suárez. Edu Expósito and Santi Taboada were the centre midfielders, Otero was the right winger, Álex Corredera attacked from the left, Pancho Cotos was the playmaker and Óscar Garcia was the centre forward.

The rival for the game was CD Barco, a recently promoted club that’s returning to Tercera for the first time since the campaign 1993/94. This is the longest trip for Fabril as the game was played in the municipality of O Barco de Valdeorras, almost at the border between Galicia and Castile & Leon. The team coached by Javier Rey arrived to the meeting with Rodri Alonso as the main reference as the 23-year-old attacker had netted four goals in this start of season. Ex-Depor academy player Jorge De Dios was a starter.

A game with both sides scoring four goals should be understand as a victory of the offensive lines over the defenses, and it was like that what happened at Calabagueiros, with the circumstance that both teams had a two-goal advantage in some moment in the game, so the feeling of excitement was constant throughout the game. Fabril knew how to react, but later suffered a lot with the throw-ins.

The exchange of blows was present in the game since the kick-off, Fabril had three clear opportunities within the first thirty minutes, the three of them were saved by local goalie Marcos Macía, but before the twenty-minute mark the locals were already winning by two as they seized their best two chances.

And both goals were very similar and with the same protagonists. The first was a throw-in for CD Barco in which Rodri Alonso released a cross from the left that met David Mitogo at the far post to score from close range with a header.

Since the first goal Fabril’s defence suffered with the moves of Rodri Alonso, who overflowed the defense with his moves during a couple of deadly counterattacks, but the real nightmare was Guinean David Mitogo, unstoppable in one-on-one actions. In one of the counterattacks  Alonso eluded three rivals to end releasing a new cross, this time from the right, that Mitogo transformed into the second goal.

But the two-goal advantage wasn’t difficult to overcome for Fabril, the trio composed by Álex Corredera, Juan OteroÓscar García started to appear and found the aim that Deportivo B missed within the first twenty minutes.

Fabril’s first goal in the game came right after the thirty-minute mark, it was a short cross by Pancho Cotos from the left wing that found Óscar on the ground at the goal line, somehow the attacker managed to push the ball in before two rivals that were standing above him.  It is his sixth goal of the season after seven presentations.

Just two minutes later a combination between Corredera and Óscar ended with a cross from the left that Iago López found near the penalty spot, the centre-back was alone, but preferred to assist Otero, who was standing at the left corner of the box and the Colombian scored his third goal on the season with a strong shot from short distance.

With the 2-2 by half-time the excitement continued in the second half, and this time it was Fabril the side that managed to pick a two-goal advantage. The first fifteen minutes were calm as there were no clear scoring chances, but the third goal by the visitors unleashed the craziness again.

The third goal for Depor B came after a secondary play in a corner-kick, Jorge Fernández drilled the ball between two defenders, Taboada found the ball at the left side of the area, he eluded a rival and attempted a shot that was deflected, the ball went into the path of Pancho Cotos, who fell down before the pressure of a rival, but centre-back Róber Suárez was there to score with a drilling attempt past Marcos Macia.

CD Barco seemed defeated and had problems to create scoring chances, and then Fabril scored again in a new corner-kick. Corredera released the cross from the right, Iago López headed the ball at the near post and Róber showed up again at the far post to just push the ball in.

It seemed the game was over and Manu Mosquera made two changes to secure the result, Ángel and Juan López replaced Pancho Cotos and Corredera, but the locals weren’t dead yet and rescued the hope with the third goal and later exploded with the equalizer.

And the protagonist was substitute Borja Fernández, who entered for the last thirty minutes to end scoring twice. At this point in the game the locals had made a big sacrifice and had already lost Javier Recaman due to a serious injury (11’), same case than attacker Dani González (65’). Both goals also coincided in the fact that were born from a throw-in.

Their third goal came from a throw-in that found Borja at the edge of the area to rifle a shot that was impossible for David Gómez. Again Mitogo was involved in the action as he made the assist after a great solo-play inside the area.

CD Barco made a final push and after Mitogo hit the post and later they scored a deserved equalizer and again the play was born from a throw-in, again Borja found the ball and this time scored with a curved header that was impossible for David.

Two different faces for Deportivo B before a willful CD Barco. The team was shocked at the beginning of the meeting, but reacted greatly and transformed a 2-0 into a 2-4, however they were unable to hold on the lead and ended with a 4-4 that only worth a point. With the result Fabril remain out of the promotion zone, sixth but only two points away from fourth place CD Boiro. On next Saturday Depor B are hosting CD Ribadumia (Abegondo, 17h00 CET), side that’s only out of relegation due to the goal difference rule.

Barco: (4-2-3-1) Macia – Navarro, Jorge De Dios, Álvarez, Iñigo – Adil (Borja Fernández 60’), Recaman (Rubén Arce 11’) – Rubén García, Mitogo, Dani González (Carlos De Dios 65’) – Rodri Alonso.
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Fisk, Róber, Iago, Jorge – Edu Expósito, Taboada – Otero, Pancho Cotos (Ángel 75’), Corredera (Juan López 85’) – Óscar.
Goals: 1-0: (10’) Mitogo, 2-0: (17’) Mitogo, 2-1: (33’) Óscar, 2-2: (35’) Otero, 2-3: (58’) Róber, 2-4: (72’) Róber, 2-4: (76’) Borja, 4-4: (81’) Borja.
Referee: Gonzalo Villanueva Carballo. He showed yellow card to Recaman (52’), Iñigo (68’), Borja Fernández (72’), Taboada (77’) and Carlos De Dios (89’)
Venue: Calabagueiros (400)





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