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01 Nov 2015
The coach and the players were satisfied with the performance of the team and with the reaction during the second half. At Atlético Madrid, everyone was defending Giménez after his error.

Coach Víctor Sánchez said that he was content with the performance of his players as he was describing the game, “I believe it was an equal game. We are pretty content, because the team matched a great level before a big team like Atlético Madrid. I believe we have faced the best Atlético Madrid on this start of season and it was very good. The first half was equal, but with more dominion for Atlético Madrid, something we had planned. We knew they have a lot of space at the back of the defenders. In the second half we tried to seize that space for the counterattack. We stole the ball, but were too hurried in the output of the ball. We had a plan for the first half, but we missed precision. It was the same plan in the second part, but with us making a step forward. It was difficult as we were facing a great team.”

“They were also lucky with the goal as it was a rebound with the ball hitting the face of a player, but we also had some luck with the ball that Godin sent into the woodwork. In the second half we had more continuity and patience before a team that kills you in the counterattack. We had our chances until Lucas scored the goal in a great individual play, and later we also hit the woodwork, so it’s impossible to have a more equal game. We are content.” He added.

The Madrilenian man was asked for the results at home after been forced to come from behind in a couple of opportunities, and he responded that, “We are part of a constant run towards a clear goal: the permanence. Everything related to add is very positive, actually we are in a good position right now, circumstantial, but it’s good. So, I don’t agree that the results haven’t been good. We want to win all the games, but it’s clear that we fight for the goal of the salvation. When you cannot add the three points then it’s also good to get one.”

Then he was asked why Lopo and Jonás were starters, “Because we are really lucky to have a large squad where all the players are plugged. It allows us to plan the games with several alternatives. The fact of repeating lineups depends of the circumstances. The response is that all the players are yielding later in the games, so it allows us to count with all the players. The challenge is to keep everybody plugged.”

Finally, Víctor reminded that Depor is team under construction after all the moves made during the summer window, “Obviously we are a team under construction. Fifteen signings in the pre-season and we must remember from where we were coming. We are not affected by the external debates, we respect it, but it doesn’t feed us. Our analysis is made taking in mind our information.”

For Celso Borges the result was good, “I believe we earned a very good point. I don’t remember how many years we had without getting points before Atlético, so I believe it is positive. Besides, it’s good for our spirt to come back in the score. We created some scoring chances in the second part and pressed up front.”

“It affect us in a positive way, we needed something like this after the game in Málaga. We were facing a difficult rival and it is something that must be emphasized. We would love to be winning, but if the ball hits the face of a partner and later they had the ball to score, so to overcome this situation is also important.” The midfielder added.

Fayçal Fajr was commenting the game, “You notice a change between both halves. In the first part we were holding back and waiting for an error, this for a counterattack. In the end they scored after the ball hit my face. We reached the pause and started to fix things. We were encouraged for the second part, we got a point and that’s it.”

He was also talking of his first call for the national team of Morocco, “Every player wants to play for their country and in the end I am very content. I am in the pre-list and the final rosters comes out on Monday. I am pretty content, but the important thing is the next game with Levante. Later we will talk of Morocco.”

Lucas Pérez was commenting the game, “It was a difficult game. We knew the rival we were going to face. We knew that we had to fight for every ball as we were facing one of the biggest rivals in the world. We are grateful for the point that we got and it is important.”

“I am here in order to help the team. We studied the rival and it was hard in the first half, they got the ball after a series of rebounds and scored. We can only keep training in order to avoid these things. We pushed in the second part and thanks to the fans we got a good result. In the action of the goal I tried to fight for the ball and then go it and went towards the goal, later I bet the keeper and scored.” The Galician attacker added when he was asked about his goal.

At Atlético Madrid, everyone was defending Giménez for the error on the goal, starting with coach Diego Simeone, “Whoever plays the games, they know that this can happen. But the second half was more than this punctual play, it didn’t define the game. We didn’t suffer occasions beyond the long distance shot by Fayçal. The problem is that we didn’t continue doing the same things of the first part. I am leaving with the feelings left in the first part, later we were locked at the back. We didn’t attack in the second half and should have sought for continuity in our game.”

Filipe Luis was also defending his partner, “We dropped two points, but Giménez isn’t guilty. We all are guilty. He is a great player playing at a great team and is growing up. He is making a great season and now must raise the head. Nobody is blaming him. These things happen.”

The Brazilian left-back was also talking of his return to the Riazor, “Yes, it continues to be a very special place to me. I spent an important part of my career on here. I have good and bad memories, but I appreciate it a lot.”



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