06 Nov 2015
Celso Borges conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa. The midfielder is feeling integrated to the team and the city, while he sees with positive eyes the current run of Deportivo in la liga.

Q: Were you able to bring the battery from Sweden?
A: Yes, it is here with me.

Q: Do you consider yourself already installed in the city then?
A: Not just for the battery, but because in the city and, within the changing room, you go knowing more things and feel more comfortable with all situations.

Q: You are about to complete a year with the team, how will you describe it?
A: For me it was fantastic, I appreciate it very much, especially because I've had a great time. We were saved last season and this is becoming very good. Whenever the sporting subject goes well, you feel better. Much of this has to do with the fact that you feel great in the changing room and the fans have made me feel very comfortable too.

Q: Were you expecting a start like this season?
A: We're working for it. About results I like to believe thatís related to the way you train. In our case we trained pretty well and obviously sometimes we lose some games, but what matters are the feelings. During these ten games and during the pre-season the work has been constant.

Q: Have you changed your role on the team since the arrival this summer of Pedro Mosquera?
A: Now to play without the ball is more important. This is the best for the collective benefit and always following the instructions of the coach. In this regard all players have a remarkable note.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable with the team playing on the counterattack, joining the attack, as against Rayo?
A: It changes depending on the opponent and our tactic is always changing according to the rival. In how I can help the collective to have a better work, happy, but sometimes is like this and in others donít. Attacking is a responsibility as it is defending.

Q: Is the accumulated work since the pre-season and the calls from the national team starting to affect you?
A: I feel fine, so far everything has gone quite well. The tiredness is accumulated, but later there wonít more calls until March. I think I have combined it quite well. I rested well and trained well. So far I didnít have any problems.

Q: You have been a starter regularly, but there are colleagues waiting for a chance.
A: Of the problems you might have in a team, the better is to have a large squad, you are training very well and there are many options. I think in this case, as I always say, it is the best for the club. The decisions, of course, are made by the coaching staff.

Q: Is more important the game against Levante for the streak of four games without a win and that the derby is coming later?
A: It would be good to reach the break with more points and with good feelings. We know that strong opponents are coming, but we neither have played against weak teams. I believe that, whatever it is, we are prepared to work and face these situations.

Q: The derby is coming.
A: The derbies are matches to win, hopefully we can give that satisfaction to the people and give it to ourselves. The break will be useful to prepare the game well.

Q: You have put some distance with the relegation zone, do you look upper now?
A: If you look at the standings at the moment, you see that there arenít huge differences, everything is very even. Although it sounds dull, our first objective hasnít been met, but we have an ambition that no one can remove from us. Anyway, let's go step by step, until you get that first goal there is no need to despair about other things.




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