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09 Nov 2015
The coach seemed satisfied with what he saw and with the final result, but the players are convinced that Deportivo dropped two points in this game.

Coach Víctor Sánchez believes that any side could have won the match, “Football has these things, you find out intense meetings. These are matches with alternatives, with ups and downs, and therefore situations that could unbalance the game to any side, but it was a draw as the effectiveness prevails. The result could have been a victory for Levante and also a victory for us, especially in the last stretch of the match.”

Asked about the large number of draws on this season, the Madrilenian coach emphasized the capacity of his team in order to compete and add points, “We always search for the victory in every game, it’s very important to us. The team is demonstrating a capacity to compete, we suffered in some moments in the game. Levante were pressing due to their need, both teams want to clinch the permanence as soon as possible, and it’s important to show the ability to compete in order to add, so we value the point as positive though our idea was to win on here.”

Finally, Víctor admitted that Depor failed with its passing game, and at the same time was defending the performance of Lux, “We are content with the defensive work of the team, we were waiting for an intense rival and, despite the pressure and those moments of tension, I believe we defended well. German [Lux] had good interventions in the second part, but what wasn’t good was our attack. It was hard for us to have the ball, we made some counterattacks and transitions, but when we had the chance to manage the game then we didn’t do it. In an offensive sense we weren’t fine. There were bad passes and we suffered as we had the ball less time. “

Jonás Gutiérrez was a starter for the second straight opportunity and he said that Depor dropped two points in this match, “I believe that today we have dropped two points, because it is always difficult to start winning, especially way from home. We clinched the lead in the first half and later were unable to make our game. We were surpassed, but well… we must continue moving, it is a difficult stadium.”

“We always try to add the three points, it is something that I emphasized before, mainly at the Riazor, because the points at home are fundamental. When you have an advantage on the road then you must be careful with the ball, you have to search for spaces and today we didn’t do it.” The Argentine winger added.

Celso Borges was trying to explain why Depor failed to win this match, “The team tried, but there are times in which things are more fluid. I don’t think it has to do with intensity, because we always shone in that aspect. What happens is that the rival is also playing. I believe it is always positive to be creating scoring chances.”

“When the results aren’t arriving after several matchdays then you must look why, and the best ones to do this are ourselves, this in order to see where we are failing and where we are succeeding, it is a matter of finding a balance.” The midfielder added.

Lucas Pérez was also feeling sad with the result, “We were aware of the game that Levante was going to play, they are in need and were playing at their stadium. Levante were playing for a lot and they tied in a lack of organization with the wall, it is something that shouldn’t have happened and we are upset, but we must continue going and must thanks the fans that made the trip.”

“I believe Primera División is highly demanding. We are facing rivals like Athletic and Atlético Madrid that will be up there, and now we were facing a Levante in need. This is the Primera División and we are in good form, so we cannot lose the path.” He added.

The Galician attacker didn’t give importance to the fact of scoring his seventh goal after eleven matchdays, “The main thing was the team, and I’m leaving sad, because we deserved these three points. I had that last chance against Rubén and in the end we must remain calm and working hard.”

Neither Fede Cartabia was happy, “We are screwed, because the team didn’t match its level. We must have self-criticism. It happened the same in the first half at the Riazor. Lucas is bringing a lot of things, we made a step forward with the goal, but later we made one step backwards. Now we have two weeks to think about it and before the derby.”

At Levante UD, coach Rubi was trying to be optimistic despite missing the victory at home, “If we continue like this then we will score goals and the strikers with end with positive numbers. Maybe we scored in the ugliest play in the game, but what we need now is some good luck and win a game as soon as possible.”

"I saw a great match from both teams until the 70th minute, but a little more from us. And within the final 20 minutes they had the ball and we lived a hard time. Depor’s goal is a play in a counterattack in which we missed to control the offside, it isn’t the result of playing with a most advanced defense. The secret for the reaction is many hours of training, to be metalized and convince the players that they can do better and especially their willingness to have fun on the field. There are times when it is difficult to have continuity and we had a great team in front of us." He finalized.



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