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12 Nov 2015
Fernando Navarro believes that there are positive and negative things about the current moment of Deportivo. He believes that the team is in a good position, but wants more always knowing of the limitations at the club.

On Wednesday, Fernando Navarro addressed the media after the training session. He was talking of the upcoming Galician derby and also of the current situation at Depor. About the match with RC Celta, he said that, “Evidently the derby isn’t a game like the rest, both for us and the fans. It is important and we hope to reach it in the best possible conditions.”

“It is a game with tension and passion; it is what we expect from important games. There will be excitement and we will prepare it in the best possible way. Each side will try to do the best for their side. It is a different game and people always say that it doesn’t matter how the teams arrive, it is charged with emotion and we are playing with the strength of our people and we must play with that little point in our favour.” He added.

On Friday Deportivo will play a friendly game against Pacos de Ferreira, the ex-Sevilla man believes it is an important occasion to prepare the team ahead of the derby, “The game is important as we want to develop what we want to do and what we want to work out. We are searching to get automations of a team, and the best thing to do it is to play a game.”

About Celta, Navarro commented that, “They are in a great shape, they have an advantage: to have spent three years without big changes at the squad. The base is important and is coming from the promotion to Segunda. It’s a solid team with a clear idea, maybe particular by its style of playing, and I believe the demonstration of this is the fact they are the team with more points on the road above Real Madrid and Barcelona. It speaks greatly of their potential and strength.”

Asked about the fact that Depor spent five games without winning, the left-back believes this is a story with different sides, “There were games in which we were close to win, I remember the game of Granada, a match we could have won without problems, and later we had other games that we could have lost. It depends on how you see the things. We have spent five games without winning, but only lost once. It’s always positive to add, but we want to win. The season is going to be complicated. I said it two weeks ago: things won’t be easy. We must be fair and say that there was a bit of everything.”

“In the end this is a tournament of regularly. You must make the analysis at the end. You cannot play good all the time, this is a long run, with 38 matchdays and the goal is to make a good job in order to clinch the permanence as soon as possible.” He added about the issue.

Finally, Navarro said that he’s satisfied for been one of the four players at the team that have played as  starters the eleven games played so far, “I feel comfortable seeing that the coach is relying in me. I am happy playing games. In the end, when you train and get the reward of been playing, then it’s something to be content. We are well positioned at the standings in a place that we would have signed at the beginning of the season. But we are ambitious and demanding of ourselves wanting to give one more step, but knowing that last year Depor suffered a lot in order to be saved.  This year it is going to be the same.” 




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