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13 Nov 2015
German Lux talked of the upcoming derby and the level of RC Celta, he also talked of the situation at Depor’s goal with the return of Fabricio.

The performance of German Lux has been questioned recently, but the keeper is optimistic as he analyzed the upcoming Galician derby. He addressed the media on Thursday and started talking of the preparations for the derby, “We are working for that game. Yesterday we had a training game with Fabril and tomorrow there’s a game in Portugal. The trainings are focused for what we want to do in that game. Three points are at stake and we know the meaning for the fans. For us it is the game of the year.”

The keeper was praising the level of RC Celta, “I won’t discover anything. It is a good team, with a very good start to the season. They have the same base from some years ago and are demonstrating it on the pitch, we all know that a derby is a derby and we will do anything to win that game. “

“It is a team that creates a lot of scoring chances, but that also allows a lot of goals. We must foresee both, the offensive and defensive facet and later must try to harm them in the place where they are more vulnerable.” He added.

Asked about the past match with Levante UD, Lux was accepting an error in the goal allowed at the Ciutat de Valencia, “In the inside we always look at the errors that we had and work for it. The true is that it was a game that we couldn’t control, we claimed the lead but unfortunately a set-piece cost us the goal, but these are errors that we analyze and later try to fix it.”

Then the Argentine player was asked if he needs to make more key saves to convince the fans and earn confidence, “I’m having confidence. The keeper lives of these things, you need to have good interventions. You always try to have clean sheets, though it’s impossible. Yes, the keeper lives of having good saves, but it will be curious, because you work in order to be solid at defence, and to allow occasions it would mean that we aren’t doing it. In this sense we are competitive and solid. We have reduced the allow opportunities compared to last year.”

He was also asked if a defeat against RC Celta would be a huge hit after spending winless the last five matchdays, “I don’t think so. It could be a huge blow as it is a derby, but we don’t think of it, because we always go out in order to win. We always tried. We want to be strong and get points from the Riazor, because it is the base for salvation and stay at Primera.”

Finally, Lux talked of the comeback of Fabricio and the competence at Depor’s goal, “I’m enchanted that Fabricio will be fine soon. Manu is also helping, also David [Gómez], also Anxo and Ramón when we need them. They are great keepers and have a bright future ahead. A rally of injuries has been affecting us in this position and we hope they will be fine, later the competence is healthy and good, because you are alert and avoid relaxation.” 




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