17 Nov 2015
Lucas Pťrez conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Galician attacker analyzed the upcoming derby with RC Celta and also talked of his solid season at Depor.

Q: The first thing, how are you after several days with physical problems?
A: All right. I have nothing. The forecast of the doctors was a knock and nothing more. The tests were made as a precaution, but nothing more.

Q: So, you will be on Saturday at the Riazor.
A: They would have to cut off both legs and both arms to miss the derby. I would have to be crawling, believe me.

Q: We begin to notice an atmosphere of a derby.
A: Of course. There are still some days, but people are already thinking about that game. Itís normal. It happens everywhere. We are impatient. Heartily. But most important is that the head is cold. In my case I tend to be more nervous the first days of the week that those closest to the meeting. When approaching the game, you just have to think about doing your job well and get the three points, it is the most important thing for us as a team and also for the fans.

Q: Would you change a place at the standings by winning both games against Celta?
A: According to which positions. I explain. Winning the derby is very important, but not by changing for a relegation, for example. Now if we stay and have no chances of playing European competition, then the position is meaningless, so I think the fans would be happy to win two more derbies. Especially the one at home. Because last year I saw how disappointed the people went out. Celta are an extra motivation for everyone. Anyway, I think itís not incompatible to win both games without giving up anything on the standings [he laughs].

Q: You speak of disappointing the fans. It sounds hard.
A: It's true. When you donít win a derby, then you havenít matched the expectations of the people. Therefore, you've disappointed them. You didnít match the expectations.

Q: Would a defeat on Saturday light the alarms by adding the sixth game without a win?
A: This is football. Obviously, we have had good games and not so good ones more recently. We arenít achieving the results we all want. But it goes by phases. It happens to all teams. We are in a good line and we have to follow it. Celta arrive from a very heavy defeat at home, but I think they had many opportunities. They are doing a great football. They defeated Barcelona 4-1. Unthinkable. The eternal rival of Deportivo is fine right now, so there is no better time to beat them. It's an extra motivation. And so we must not speak of alarms.

Q: Who would you sign from Celta?
A: No one. They are okay staying there [he laughs]. But obviously they have great players. Also here, certainly, there are players that they would like to sign... Orellana, Nolito, Augusto, Wass... I wonít lose the rings and neither will be lessDeportivista if I recognize that Celta are doing well. You can see it in their games. To me what matters is to save ourselves, cheer up the fans and win the derby.

Q: You didnít quote Iago Aspas
A: Well, neither Hugo Mallo nor Sergio nor Jonny, who are also Galician. Iago is a great player. And the others too. I have no problem. Last year I say hello to them when they defeated us and they said they wished us to be save.

Q: You always talk about the importance of a good relationship between the fans. Would you like to see the Celta-Depor like a Basque derby?
A; It's a different environment. The Basque derbies are pretty, but I like more morbid. One thing is that there are no such incidents, which is why we advocate all, and another thing is something warmer. But again, always with correction and without physical confrontation. This is football and it's for fun.

Q: What is your memory of a derby?
A: The thing I remember the most is the one with Djalminha, when he makes that heel touch and sends the ball into the top corner. It marked a lot of us. It was a great goal.

Q: What meant that goal for a striker like you?
A: It has it all. He was a genius. Something unpredictable. Nobody in the world thought that he was going to do that with the ball. I think that when he received it he was already imagining what he was going to do.

Q: Is it your first memory?
A: I think the first was the goal of Turu, who left Dutruel on the ground after several dribbles... But there are many images. Fondly keep the 0-5 at BalaŪdos, when the coach scored three goals ... And the goal of Juan Dominguez that served to tie... letís see if we repeat. There are many games. Many stories.

Q: Djalminha, Turu, Victor, Fran, who was your idol... Can you imagine playing at this team?
A: It was tremendous. The quality they had... Who could be there! I'm looking to go one day to the indoor football and see if they open a spot for me. I know I'm the worst, and so I tell you, but to give me a place is something to enjoy for a while [he laughs].

Q: Seven goals in eleven games. Are you going through your best professional moment?
A: Seven goals in eleven games in Spain. But this season I scored nine in thirteen. Donít you count the ones that I scored in the Europa League? [he laughs]. Seriously, the fact of going out of my home very young it helped me a lot. I've matured. I'm 27 and I still have enough time. I have things very clear. I fight for what I want. I want a good future to later have a quiet life. The more possible. Like anyone. And all that helps me to stay well.

Q: What would make you leave Depor?
A: First, the offer would have to be very good for the club. It would fill me with pride that if Depor have to sell me it will be to continue growing with the money they raise. Obviously, it has to fill me in a sporting sense to leave it all again. Sporting and economically. If, for example, got a proposal of Qatar, I would tell the club no. But hey, we're talking for talking. Right now, the only thing that interests me is to beat Celta and to see Depor saved.

Q: Well, now that you just think of Celta, tell us a result.
A: Iím afraid. Last year I said 2-0 and we lost 0-2. Anyway, I insist. Someday I will guess right.




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