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19 Nov 2015
Calm situation just days before the Galician derby. Both sides are optimistic, but at the same time cautious at the moment of addressing the media.

There’s a very “friendly” environment before Saturday’s derby at the Riazor, perhaps motivated by the fact that both teams arrive after a positive start and without any urgency. All the speeches have been to praise the rival and at the same time of precaution, even Iago Aspas was very polite when he was interviewed by Radio Galega. The following is a summary of the main things said by the players at both teams within the last days.

Juanfran Moreno; “It’s an important gamer for the fans and therefore it is also important to us. Last year we weren’t lucky and let’s hope we can break the negative streak. We hope to bring joy to the fans. I invite the fans to attend to the meeting and to have confidence, because we will give everything for them”

Alejandro Arribas: “I had a good relationship with Aspas last year at Sevilla. He didn’t have too many opportunities and in the few games he played he scored ten goals on last season. For me he is a magnificent player and, despite been in the rival’s team, everyone would love to have him at their team, because he’s very good.”

Jonás Gutiérrez: “It doesn’t matter how you play in the derbies, because the important thing is to win. These are very special games and the fans want you to win.”

Lucas Pérez: All the Depor’s fans want to defeat Celta, always, because you are born with that, especially when they are up there. I am one of those who see Celta up there and feel proud. I always want to see Depor upper, but as a Galician man I want to see them always playing at Primera and doing great.”

Laure: “The environment is calm. The game has an incalculable value in terms of confidence, to bring joy to the fans and everything that comes with it. In the end it is a matter of only three more points, but it isn’t played like only three more points. The winner not necessary is the side that arrives better or that plays better, but the one that competes and prepares the game, and I’m convinced it will be us.”

Álex Bergantiños: “Celta have a great squad, with a lot of players that have a spent a lot of time playing together, but the important thing is the block and they aren’t up there just for two players. This year we have nothing to envy them, because we have a solid block on here. We, as a block, are fine and could harm them in any one-on-one action. This year both squads are much more balanced and equal. I am expecting for a good game and to see us winning. “

Pedro Mosquera: “With 27 years it will be my first derby and I hope it will be the first of many. We cannot be isolated from the stands, quite the opposite, because we must put the stand inside the game, so they can transmit us their energy and desire to win, we need that plus.”

Iago Aspas: “It is a different derby, because both teams made a step forward within the last two years. I want to see the derby becoming a party, but you cannot change the feeling and want to see Celta winning. I still have the burden from the last derby.”

’Tucu’ Hernández: I believe it is going to be a pretty and difficult game. We want to remove the torn of Valencia, it would be pretty to revert that game with a victory in the next meeting. We will have to practice our best football in order to win in a difficult field. These are three very important points. The derbies are not played, they are won.”

Sergi Gómez: “An important game is coming, we are eager to play the derby. Lucas Pérez is a great player, currently he’s matching a great level. I believe we have faced very good players and it is a matter of collective work, to try to make the same game than against Barcelona, Sevilla or Villarreal, and for there we have to show it in the game.”

Carles Planas: “It is the game we all are wishing to play, the most important one above any meeting against the giant teams of the league. The fans are hoping to defeat Deportivo and the players too. We all want to win. They didn’t make a revolution at their squad, but made goo signings. It’s a different Deportivo, a team that knows how to play. This season they started better and you can notice it.”

Hugo Mallo: “In a derby there are no favourites, it is a different game in which it doesn’t matter the position at the standings. Both sides are having problems to win. We will be wrong if there are incidents, both groups of fans must enjoy and must convert the game into a party of football.”

Nolito: “We know there is a n extra motivation, because everyone asks us to win this game and the derbies are special, but we must remain calm in order to bring the three points. They started well and have a good team and it will be a difficult game, but we are only thinking in getting the three points with our game.” 




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