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20 Nov 2015
One of the seven players that have participated in all the games played so far is out until 2016. Víctor must decide how to replace him, Fajr could be the choice and the coach could even switch the draw.

The absence of Celso Borges is going to be an important casualty for Deportivo and coach Víctor Sánchez. So far he is one of the seven players that have participated in the eleven games disputed in liga. The three natural choices to replace him are Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez and Haris Medunjanin.  A fourth choice is Faycal Fajr, a playmaker that already has performed as a centre midfielder when he was at Elche CF.

Borges has been the normal companion of Pedro Mosquera at midfield and now Víctor searches for a new member in the duo, but before making a choice the coach must decide the kind of relationship that the new integrant will have with Mosquera.

And it’s that the relationship in the field between Borges and Mosquera has been evolving. In the first six games, when both men were at the same time on the field, it was possible to see a clear definition with Mosquera playing as the defensive midfielder performing towards the left side, while Borges was the offensive midfielder performing towards the right wing.

The Squawka heat map for the game Vs. RCD Espanyol clearly shows these roles:

Heat map of Pedro Mosquera Vs. Espanyol

Heat map of Celso Borges Vs. Espanyol

But within the last five games there wasn’t a clear path of the position that both players were having on the field. It seems that Víctor asked them to alternate, so both men were moving around midfield. Curiously, since this shift was made Depor had remained winless.

The Squawka heat map for the last game Vs. Levante UD shows the new roles:

Heat map of Pedro Mosquera Vs. Levante

Heat map of Celso Borges Vs. Levante

Therefore, if Víctor wants to keep the latest strategy, then one of the best choices is a lineup with Fajr playing alongside Mosquera, this since the Moroccan would have similar responsibilities compared to when he performs as a playmaker, though with bigger defensive tasks.

If instead the coach wants the previous system, then a reliable option is to perform with Bergantiños as the defensive midfielder and later advance the position of Mosquera, so he would have the role of Borges now. The option of Medunjanin will keep Mosquera in the role of defensive midfielder as the Bosnian is a player with similar characteristics than Borges.

Víctor will make his tests in the last two sessions behind closed doors, but for now the option of delaying the position of Fajr has been the tested choice during the training sessions. Another decision is if the coach should keep the 4-2-3-1 figure or instead he will switch into a 4-4-2.

If Fajr is pulled to midfield, then the coach could be tempted to perform with a 4-4-2, allowing the entry of Oriol Riera in order to join Lucas Pérez.  The continuity of the 4-2-3-1 will mean to open a chance for Juanfran Moreno on the right wing, Cartabia could be moved to the playmaker’s role, while Jonás Gutiérrez, Luis Alberto and even Luisinho can end performing on the left wing.



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