20 Nov 2015
Fede Cartabia conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Argentine playmaker talked in the wake of the derby and admitted that he can still give more of what he has offered to Deportivo.

 Q: Is everything working out as you expected when you joined Depor?
A: Yes, slowly. The team is growing. At times it shows a very good game, as you already saw it, and at times we are undecided and with many doubts. But itís normal, knowing that only eleven matchdays have passed.

Q: Undecided? What do you mean?
A: Yes, for the games. As it happened in the last match against Levante, the team suffered, hopefully it wonít happen again and on Saturday we have an important game.

Q: You mean the game? Because in terms of results little more can be asked to the team.
A: Yes, because the team is very good, it is playing well at times and the results are joining us.

Q: Do you doubt about the role to be taken: whether to play on the counterattack or trying to dominate?
A: We have good defenders, good attackers and a solid ball possession, but these are circumstances that occur in the game and we have to correct it as soon as possible so it wonít happen again.

Q: You belong to the attackers.
A: In todayís football you have to attack, defend, release crosses, shot on target... This is a very competitive football, one of the best leagues, and for us it is important to be fine.

Q: You appear among the players with more dribbles in la liga.
A: Those are statistics and donít pay much attention. The only thing that interests me is that I am still far from my level, I think I can give more and I hope to continue growing, game by game, to be important.

Q: What do you need to improve?
A: I think to have a little more confidence. I can support a little more the team, and with the passage of days, and if I adapt a little more to the team mates and the coach, I think I can give more.

Q: How are you living the days before your first Galician derby?
A: It's going to be the first for me and the team mates live it at the top, especially the Galicians, like Lucas, with some intensity. We are talking about it all day and it's nice. We play at home and the derbies are not played, but won.

Q: Is there a difference with the other games of rivalry that you have lived?
A: No, I have lived the Valencia-Levante, but I think this is more competitive, more equal, because over there the derby, for Valencia, for what the club is compared to Levante, it is more unbalanced. But here everything is more even.

Q: And what did they tell you?
A: How you live the week and already I'm seeing it. Itís beautiful and I hope to get out there and see how all the people are supporting us.

Q: For an Argentine player it should bring memories of football in your country.
A: It looks a lot. Galicia and Argentina have the same customs and am very happy here.

Q: Over there the derbies are strongly felt
A: Yes, but over there all are crazy [he laughs].

Q: Would you take anything from there to the derbies on here?
A: No, here in Europe it is played very well and is very quiet.

Q: What do you think of Celta?
A: Since last year they are playing greatly and have almost the same players. That's an advantage, because they know each other, they know what they play and it will be a very tough opponent.

Q: Do you know any of them?
A: Yes, Cabral, with whom I already talked a bit this week. And Iago Aspas, who I met at Sevilla, he is a very nice guy. But on the pitch there are no friends, each team pulls to its side.

Q: Have you been surprised by any reaction that you had?
A: Yes, I have a very strong character and sometimes it is hard to control.

Q: Have you repented of any action? Did you see yourself too individualistic?
A: Not at all. And you saw it, that's my game, I'm not individualistic or anything like it. Itís my game, one against one, always looking for the shot and the goal.

Q: You are also among the best shooters in the league.
A: That's why, because I keep trying. Many people branded me as too individualistic and many would like to see been more individualistic, but what I want is to score and to see my team winning.

Q: The other ten also want to win.
A: Of course, all they are pulling the team. The other day, against Athletic Bilbao, I provided an assist. I'm not individualistic.



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