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05 Nov 2006
The media in Galicia is convinced that the draw is a poor result for Deportivo, but the papers have applauded the performance and the growing process showed by 'Babydepor'. Sportpaper <i>AS</i> is even predicting that the squad is aspiring to bigger things. Meanwhile, in Barcelona the media is worried about the poor work done by la liga champions during their recent matches.

AS: Joaquin Caparr??s won yesterday's challenge against Frank Rijkaard, although it wasn't enough to see Deportivo's players achieving the three points that they deserved. Depor's coach planned since the beginning a big pressure over Barcelona's midfield, and that fact erased the ideas from the minds of the European champions. At the same time Caparr??s ordered that the side defenders should be attacking because the contribution of Messi and Ronaldinho was null. Arbeloa, and mainly Capdevila, were crossing a lot of balls and caused uncomfortable situations. The third side of this story consisted in leaving Thuram as the one responsible for passing the ball, and that's like putting boxing gloves in order to shave yourself. At the end the game was defined from the penalty spot. One point that tastes like nothing. But we have to emphasise that the babies are aspiring to bigger things. Luis de La Cruz.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Time goes on, the protagonists are others, but Depor maintains the same genetic code. The one that makes them  live over their possibilities during the tough appointments in the calendar. The one that was seen in yesterday's confrontation. And the new Blanquiazul squad responded with the same script that most of its players haven't lived, but that they feel like part of their life. The problem is that they have also assumed a gene conformed by glorious injustices (the referee). A wonderful game signed by Depor against Barcelona, but the team only rescued a point. Nevertheless, the result is not at the level of the pride. Yesterday Depor was a great club... again. Rodri Su??rez.

La Voz de Galicia: The first half didn't respond to the expectation, this game was announced like a 'big match', but the boy was baptised before being born. If we have to emphasise something about the first 45 minutes is in any case, the mobility of Caparr??s' team. They were well placed in midfield, and the defensive line was a barrier when Barcelona tried to arrive to their area. Without saying that Depor had the control of the game, either to say that they controlled well a Barcelona that arrived to half-time with an undeserved advantage in the score. During the break, the fans didn't throw in the towel, but the anger was visible because the game was in a difficult point for Deportivo. And tough was the final part of the match, with Depor fighting hard and reaching the draw with a new penalty, they even tried to conquer a triumph that was near to happenning. In any case the draw is good. Vicente Leirach??.

Sport (Barcelona): They don't generate differences. This Barcelona has lost the image of a team that plays better than the rival, that thing that marks the difference, the individual plays that decide when they want to do it. In a word: the team doesn't finish to start. Two things seem to be happening. Firstly, the squad is no longer capable of creating that suffocating pressure that let them recover the ball with an incredible velocity. On the other hand, the rivals have taken their measurements, they are blocking Ronaldinho and Messi and the creativity of Deco and Iniesta is unplugged. The result: the level of Rijkaard's team falls into mediocrity; they dominate the ball, but they don't create occasions to score, and their wingers have lost speed and danger. Thus the best explanation to what has happened in Riazor. The Catalans were only able to score from a penalty, and Depor showed during the second part the lagoons of the defence, a zone that had more difficulties than the predicted ones. A poor result, a single point and the sensation that the team is suffering and not enjoying the game. Josep Maria Casanovas.

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