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23 Nov 2015
Víctor surprised with his lineup, while Lux and the players with lesser minutes claimed a starring role in the derby. Lucas was more important than Nolito.

Several positive readings from the game, Depor returned to winning ways with all the players showing a solid level. All eyes were upon Lucas, who ended been decisive in the goals, but the victory was only possible due to the collective work, this time with a solid performance by Lux and the players that had lesser minutes. The appearance of Álex refreshed a midfield territory that needed some clarity after Borges’ injury.

1- A point for Víctor: Everyone was shocked with the starting lineup. Fajr was a substitute, Álex Bergantiños played the full 90 minutes, more than in the previous eleven games, while Luisinho was a starter for the first time in two months. It was the bet of Víctor in order to stop the passing game of Celta and it worked out.

And it’s that the feared trident of Celta was never a factor, Orellana and Aspas never appeared, Nolito was the only one that created some danger, but only in solo plays and long balls. It was what Víctor wanted: an open game with fast transitions, perfect for the speed of Depor’s attackers.

2- Lucas 1 – Nolito 0. The game was highly expected due to the confrontation between Lucas Pérez and Nolito, two of the best Spanish attackers of the moment. Nolito’s great form has been longer as it is coming from last season, but in this game he was negative factor for his team despite been the most dangerous player for Celta. He missed a great opportunity when the game was just starting and later missed the penalty.

Meanwhile, Lucas was involved in both goals. He scored the first and later was searching for the ball when Jonny made the clearance that ended at the back of his net. Therefore the first chapter of this season’s derby story had a clear winner.

3- Redemption for Lux: After a couple of week facing high criticism, and with Fabricio about to return, German Lux turned to be an important player in the derby. Truly Celta didn’t manage to create too many scoring chances, but his save before Nolito when the game was starting, plus the penalty that he blocked, were key factors that paved the way for the victory.

4- Arribas and Sidnei: Depor stopped the third best offensive line in Spain and one of the keys for it was the performance of both central defenders. Despite the couple of errors by Arribas in the output of the ball, both Sidnei and Arribas were huge, each one making twelve clearances and dominating the aerial game.

5- Vindication for the substitutes: After 11 matchdays, Depor reached a point in which it was easy to make a thick line between normal starters and substitutes, but in this game the players without too many minutes shone, even above some normal starters. Luisinho and Cani had solid performances, Álex too and he was even involved in the plays of the goals.

6- Bergantiños and Mosquera: There was some expectation to see how Víctor was going to replace Borges. In the end the coach simply kept the system only replacing one man with another one. Mosquera kept playing towards the right, though in this opportunity he was also bringing aids to the centre of the defence, while Bergantiños was moving on the left and had interesting moves in attack. Taking in mind that Borges will be off for a while, it is an interesting choice ahead of future meetings.

7- Attitude: Deportivo showed again a great attitude facing an important rival. Small things can make the difference in a derby, and in this one the attitude of a committed team was among them. Celta are considered a much more made team, but in this derby Depor’s spirit was above them.



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