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23 Nov 2015
The coach and the players were emphasizing the pressure made by the team and understand that it was a key factor for the victory. The coach of Celta was feeling sorry for the lack of aim suffered by his attackers.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was explaining the strategy for the game, “We planned the game with a 4-4-2 that was putting pressure up front. We understood that we were facing a rival with the virtue of creating scoring chances. Celta is a team that makes sixteen shots per game, today they made six. They made six as we were pressing up front.”

“They made six shots with some of our players facing physical problems, so the rival push you into your own field, still we defended putting pressure and cut their passing game through Augusto and Wass and forced them to play more directly, and the game turned to be faster and more direct, something that interested us due to the speed of our attackers and four our output of the ball in the counterattack, so we pushed the game into a zone that interested us. Apart from the goal we had very clear opportunities to score more. Truly Celta had some opportunities, but we had clear chances in the counterattack. I believe the second goal lasted too much ad we deserved it before.” He added.

He was denying that the rotations are the only key factor in this Deportivo, “Everything is valid on here, we want a competitive Depor and we are working in order to be competitive in the games. We said it before: we want all our players to be protagonists, and they have to earn it in the trainings. We congratulate them for their work, and we see the level of players that aren’t having minutes, they enter the team and match a high level, which is what interest us: the collective level is above any individuality.”

The Madrilenian man was trying to explain what happened in the incident with Guidetti, “It was a quick play in which both players fell on me. I understood that Gudietti made a hard challenge on Juanfran, he harmed him and I found both of them all over me. I was trying to explain to Guidetti that my player needed medical attention and the problem started. Nothing happened and the referee booked me. I ask apologies, but nothing happened.”

Finally, Víctor was saying that he was happy for the fans and the players after achieving the victory in the derby, “We know how important this game is for them. It’s the biggest game on the season and are happy for the three points, we break a streak without wins and were anxious to do it. We congratulate the players for the effort that was done. We are content for the fans and the players.”

The three Galician players that were starters addressed the media after the meeting, Álex Bergantiños commented that, “It was a game that had of everything, very intense. Goals, penalties and opportunities. The fans enjoyed it. It was important after the winless streak, so we are content with the effort done by the team and for moving forward with the game, the result brings fresh air to the team. The result reinforces what we are doing and we must remember that we only lost twice so far.”

About the fact of been a starter for the first time on the season, he commented that, “I am content for playing, unfortunately a partner got injured during the week and I was able to enter. As always I try in order to have chances. I will continue working in order to see if I can have more opportunities.”

Lucas Pérez was very happy and commented the play of his goal, “It’s the first derby that I win. The true is that I am very content. We all go home very happy. The goal was a fast play, Cani made the play and saw that Álex was alone, Sergio made a great move and I found the rebound. It’s a goal that any striker likes. It’s the first derby that I win and we did it at home.”

The attacker confessed that he ended the game with muscle problems, “By minute 80, I was feeling issues and talked to the coach, there were no more changes and he told me to stay in the middle, so at least I would be putting pressure in the output of the ball. We were suffering in the last minutes and need to continue fighting. I go home with problems in the Soleus muscles, let’s see how I can sleep tonight.”

Pedro Mosquera believes that the pressure was to key for the victory, “We made a great game. We talked about putting a high pressure and we did that, it allowed us to have many opportunities. It was better of what I expected. To win at home 2-0 before Celta with a full stadium and the people cheering us up, you cannot ask for more.”

“We knew it was going to be a physical game, we knew it was going to be difficult to take the ball away from Celta, so we needed a lot of pressure and to work without the ball. I believe we made it perfectly and it explains the result.” He added.

At RC Celta, coach Eduardo Berizzo was saying that the aim was the fact that decided the match, “The difference was in the aim of the rival’s attackers and the lack of aim in ours, it is the fact that unbalanced the game.”

“In the first half, with long balls searching for their attackers, they found the goal. In the second there was a monologue for our side, but we missed precision to find the path of the goal. The second goal was an accident that ended the game. And to this lack of aim we must add the hurries and the lack of skill in attack, so we must analyze and react.” He added.

Goalkeeper Sergio Álvarez was complaining that the first goal should have not counted, “There was a foul over me as I still have a mark on my knee. I also told the referee that, for me, the first goal was offside. Now we must turn the page and thank the support of our fans at the Riazor.”

Iago Aspas was happy as Celta remain upper than Depor, “It’s not easy to lose a game, mainly if it is a derby. But we remain above them, which is the important thing.”



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