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25 Nov 2015
On Tuesday Manuel Pablo conceded a press conference, the captain of Deportivo feels ready to return after been sidelined the major part of the season. He is eager to return to Las Palmas and meet again with Valerón.

The game against UD Las Palmas is special for Manuel Pablo, the 39-year –old veteran return to the club that allowed his professional debut and is eager for the match, “Last week we had a lot of things, acts and statements, for what the derby represented. Now for me this week is also pretty, because each day I am closer to leave and now have options to return to the island.  I am always eager and, after been out for a while, I am willing to play against anyone, but it’s special and pretty to return to the island.”

The Canarian man was talking of Valerón, “We always talk, though we haven’t spoken for the last three weeks. We have talked of the coaches and the teams. He’s content for been there. Logically he will like to play more, but he’s loved at the changing room and I know that he is content.  We were lucky to see our teams counting with us and for us it is a challenge to see both of us there competing.”

“We are privileged to be at our clubs, because the fans, the club and the partners want us. It’s a privilege. We can play at this age and help the coach and the team. There are players like Juanfran [García from Levante UD] that are in the same situation.“ He added.

Asked if he’s 100% ready after his injury, he answered that, “You can never be 100% ready, especially when you are not playing and spending a lot of time on the sidelines, but I am much better, with spark, each day physically better and more dynamic, feeling positive sensations. Truly you didn’t have the same number of minutes than the partners, but having the feeling that you can start playing. At the beginning of the season I was feeling too thick, but within the last three weeks I feel more dynamic and with more spark. You see yourself closer to the team mates.”

The left-back was commenting the current performance of Deportivo, “We are following a solid path, maybe we could have expected for more facing some rivals, but in a general sense the performance has been great. In some cases we could have done better though in others it could have bene worse. We demonstrated that the team is a great level, anyone can play here and that’s great for the club. Maybe we have lacked more game in the away meetings.”

Asked about the arrival of new coach Quique Setién to UD Las Palmas, the comment was, “I didn’t have the chance to watch them, but they seem to be more consolidated. It’s harder for the rivals to create chances against them. They made a great game at Mestalla and have great players, besides the coach knows what he is doing. He is trying to consolidate an idea of the team playing with the ball possession.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo was asked about the situation with Luisinho, this after the agent of the player said that the press release criticizing the behavior of the Portuguese player was made entirely by the captain of Depor, “My opinion is what I said the other day: I won’t talk of the case with Luisinho. I don’t have to talk as it is in the past. He is one more partner and don’t have to talk about it. The issue ended there for me.”



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