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27 Nov 2015
If there’s a position that’s facing a high competence on this season it is the one of the wingers. Up to seven players have been starters there after twelve league matchdays.

If something can be expected for next week is changes, Víctor Sánchez surprised last weekend with several novelties at the starting lineup and now, with Depor facing three games in a matter of six days (the Copa starts in midweek), it is for sure that the coach will make rotations.

And if there’s a position that has witnessed changes so far is the one of the wingers. After only twelve matchdays Víctor already used seven different players for both sides, and the combinations have been repeated only twice with the couples Fajr-Cartabia and Fajr-Luis Alberto.

List of the players and their minutes acting as wingers:

Player Games Minutes
Fajr 6 540
Luis Alberto 4 310
Cartabia 4 299
Juanfran 4 265
Cani 3 200
Luisinho 2 180
Jonás 1 58

Of course the rotations are caused for the different plans that Víctor has for the positon and for the different characteristics of the players that end performing there. Actually one single player can end making different tasks in different games despite playing in the sane positions.

An example is Fajr, the man with more minutes as a winger. In the match against Atlético Madrid he was requested to have more participation in the centre, this is in order to stop the game of the rival:

But weeks before he acted as a “pure” winger against RCD Espanyol, this means to perform exclusively thinking of offense and focused on the sides:

These are two of the three roles that Víctor asks to his wingers, the third is the role of a “full-back”, a concept related to players that both defend and attack at one side in the same game. That’s the case of Juanfran Moreno and his appearance in the visit to Valencia CF, both attacking on the right wing and helping Laure in defence:

For the upcoming visit to UD Las Palmas, Víctor can choose any of the three options for the wings. The appearance of Juanfran as a right winger is a valid option taking in mind that Jonathan Viera, one of the most dangerous players at the Canarian team, normally performing as a natural left winger. The same goes for the left flank as the presence of Momo might move the coach to keep Luisinho acting as a winger, just as it happened against RC Celta.



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