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30 Nov 2015
Depor were about to suffer the same outcome of the visits to Granada and Levante UD; Lucas is still scoring goals; Mosquera remains shining, while Luisinho, Álex and Cani are earning a new role at the team.

Víctor repeated the lineup for the second straight opportunity, which meant to give a new opportunity to Luisinho, Álex Bergantiños and Cani, three players with little participation before and that are now witnessing how their role is changing. Lucas didn’t have a good game, but still scored for the fourth straight matchday. The bad news is that the Galicians are still failing to take advantage of the counterattack and were about to drop two points as it happened in the visits to Granada CF and Levante UD. The following are the six notes from the victory as Estadio de Gran Canaria:

1- The right attitude and the right plan: One more time Deportivo showed the right attitude in an important game facing a direct rival, and one more time the plan of Víctor was working out. After thirteen matchdays Depor only missed spirit in the defeat at Malaga CF, in the rest of the season the team was always competitive and it explains why the Galicians are at the first places.

At the same time Depor always knew what to do; in this game it was aware that the important thing was to hold on, take the advantage in the scoresheet and later try to end the game with a counterattack. The plan worked, though there were complications, because despite the rival committed too many errors, the result was in danger due to Depor’s errors to finalize the plays, but Víctor’s players always knew what to do, and that’s the first thing if any team wants to achieve a goal.

2- Great game by Pedro Mosquera. The Galician midfielder is one of the reasons to explain the good moment of Depor and in this game his performance was silent, but pretty effective. Silent because it was hardly noticed, but he begun the play in both goals and was the motor at midfield, been the third player with the best passing ratio (84%). A player that marks the difference in the output of the ball.

3- Two great centre-backs: Sidnei and Arribas dominated the game at Depor’s area. Las Palmas had big problems creating chances and were ending the plays with crosses that always met a defender to clear the danger. Twenty clearances for both centre-backs, ten for each one, are a quick explanation of their performance.

4- Protagonism for the substitutes: In a matter of two weeks players without a starring role like Álex Bergantiños, Luisinho and Cani are evolving. They have been starters within the last two games and the fact is that the trio had a solid performance in this meeting, which might redefine the status of some players regarding the lineups, an interesting fact taking in mind the busy calendar in December.

5- State of grace for Lucas: Perhaps Lucas Pérez didn’t have the best of his games on this season, but scored a goal for the fourth straight opportunity. He has now scored nine goals in thirteen matchdays, only Neymar (12) and Luis Suárez (11) have more added to their tally.

6- Problems with the counterattack: In the past games visiting Granada CF and Levante UD, Depor wasted the initial advantage as it was unable to seize the opportunity to increase the lead missing chances in the counterattack. In this game it was about to happen the same, because Deportivo missed four counterattacks that should have meant the second goal. This time the result was a victory, because Lux and Laure saved the team at the last minute and before Lucas’ goal. The Galicians must learn how to take advantage of these opportunities.



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