07 Nov 2006
Antonio Tom??s is one of the three loaned players that are currently performing in Racing Santander, the Cantanbrian youngster will be participate in the copa game against Deportivo. Tom??s talked with newspaper <i>La Opini??n</i> about his situation in the squad and also about his possible future as a Depor's player.

Q: Tomorrow Deportivo is coming to Santander. Are your feelings divided?
A: Well, it's clear that I have a contract signed with Deportivo, but the true is that I am on here, and I must give everything for Racing, the team from my hometown, I hope to pass the eliminatory.

Q: You will love to make a good presentation against your future coach.
A: For me every game is an exam. The season is very long, and I have to make a good work every time I am on action. I don't think that this game is a personal test for me.

Q: Are you sorry for not been able to achieve a spot in Depor?
A: No, I don't. I arrived to La Coru?±a in bad conditions, because I was going out from a surgery and I didn't have time to work with normality in the squad , but I don't have any complain about the way they treated me.

Q: Maybe you will enjoy in Racing of the chances you might miss in La Coru?±a.
A: I came to Racing because it was offering me the opportunity to play, and for the moment I am enjoying of that chance. What would happen in Deportivo is something that I can't know.

Q: On the first-leg it was possible to see your skills, and people is talking good things about you. Do you mind or is something that you don't care?
A: Off course that's important to be hearing good comments, but I don't think that I made a good game on the first-leg, neither the whole squad. Now in Santander we must work harder because we are losing the eliminatory.

Q: Is more easier the task for Deportivo?
A: I don't think that we can appoint any team as the favourite. That question should be answered at the end of the game.

Q: Do you thought that Riazor could be your home for a lot of years?
A: You can get that idea, but I didn't spend too much time there and for me is like going to any other stadium, but I hope to be able to play there during the next years.

Q: Maybe you are thinking in not going back at the end of the season.
A: For the moment I am only think about Racing, that's the team that pays my salary and I will not be thinking about my destiny right now. I like to play football, and if I can do it in a team like Deportivo, it will be better, but right now I am happy in Racing.

Q: What do you think about the current level of the team?
A: It's a good team for me. I saw them playing against Barcelona and I believe that they made a great match, specially during the last minutes.

Q: And there's a lot of space for young people, like yourself...
A: Well, I don't know. There's a lot of people making a great job there, like Verd??, Cristian, Arizmendi... it's difficult to find a place there.

Q: Maybe some ex-players like Munitis or Scaloni have talked with you about the club.
A: Yes, I have spoken with them. It seems that the group is very human and candid, but the true is that we haven't talked too much about this theme.

Q: You still have a lot of years signed with Deportivo.
A: Yes, four. But right now I am only thinking about the next game.

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