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12 Dec 2015
Depor’s coach expects for the best version of the rival, while Barca’s coach warned that they cannot be thinking of the FIFA Club World Cup as this is a tough meeting for them.

Luis Enrique Martínez García is a former well-known player that was one of the few ones that won La Liga trophy playing for both giants Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. He completed 400 appearances as a professional player and also made 62 appearances with Spain’s national team scoring 12 goals.

His stage as a coach began in 2008 working for Barcelona B. After a failing period with Serie A club AS Roma he landed in RC Celta for the season 2013/14 and made a great job leaving the team at the ninth position. Then the Asturian man was hired by FC Barcelona as the replacement of ‘Tata’ Martino singing a two-year contract.

After been criticized for some results and for a commented conflict with players like Messi, he turned to be a respected coach and won the liga tournament on last season, reason why he signed a one-year renewal. This is his second meeting as a coach against Víctor Sánchez Del Amo, the previous one was the 2-2 draw at the end of last campaign. Both men know each other as they coincided at Real Madrid for the season 1995/96.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked to reporters for ten minutes, after clarifying that Arribas was on the list for the game [he was off in the first roster that was released] he explained the reason to travel with all the available players, “All the available players are traveling, the ones out are only the injured men and Pedro Mosquera. We play in Copa on Tuesday, and we understand that’s better to have a full squad together than to leave a few men on here working alone, that’s why all the available men are traveling, so anyone can take part of the discussions and speeches before the game.”

He was warning that this game has nothing to do with the one on last season, “Evidently we have pretty memories from the end of last season and it will stay there for the history, it was the result that gave us the permanence and nothing more. It is pretty, but we cannot build up the future with memories and the past, so we are only focused in the game and the work that we must do in order to extract a positive result from the Camp Nou.”

Asked on how to beat this Barcelona, the Madrilenian manager commented that, “You need to do things right and achieve to see the rival lowering its level of effectiveness. We are prepared for it and let’s see how it works.”

Víctor doesn’t think that Barca will be affected by the absence of Neymar and neither for the physical state of Messi, “We are always expecting for the best version of the rivals, no matter who could be the starters. Obviously Barcelona will have the casualty of Neymar, but it’s the same: we are we expecting for the best version of all their players. We cannot prepare the game asking ourselves about the physical state of their players, we can only prepare ourselves in order to face the best version of the rival.”

He explained that the squad doesn’t need a special motivation in order to face this game, “Special videos of motivation aren’t required, because the dynamic is the same of previous weeks with the analysis of the rivals and the preparation of the game at the hotel.”

Then there was a question regarding the fact that Barcelona drew their last two official games, something that for the coach is anecdotic, “Two draws in two competitions that they are leading… I don’t know, I understand the question like this is a bump, but not at all. I expect the best possible Barca, we don’t look the results, but the work done. We are trying to avoid the situations in which Barca can harm us and later seize the situations in which we could harm Barca. It has nothing to do with results; we aren’t interested in a tendency.”

Finally, Víctor said that he isn’t worried about the casualties hitting his team, “We rely in all the players and don’t expect to be affected by the casualties, because we saw it in the trainings. We don’t have a problem with this, they compete for a place at the starting eleven in a healthy way. It already happened to us:  in the previous games there were different lineups with players going in and out, there was regularity and that’s what we want, because we understand that the regularity is what will give us the permanence.”

Barcelona’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He was warning of the danger in this game, "It's a game that we face with caution, not only because they have only lost one game of the seven games they have played away from home, but because, after analyzing it, we realize the danger: it is a strong team both in an offensive and defensive level. There is nothing from the Depor of last season. It is one of the teams that has surprised me in the beginning of this season. It's going to cost a lot because it's very intense team, I love this Deportivo."

The Asturian was also warning that people should think of the Club World Cup until next week, “A lot of people are already thinking of the World Cup, even my family, but I’m here in order to say that before going to Japan we have a very difficult game. It’s an attraction to play a World Cup, but before we must do the homework. This isn’t the ideal rival that we could have before the World Cup.”

Then Luis Enrique was talking of Neymar and what he means for the team," There are always important players who are injured but it's bad news whoever's injured. What do we lose? A lot of things, individually it's hard to compare players like Neymar with others but we have to find other solutions and make his absence noted as little as possible. It's a question of looking through a global prism and adapting to his absence.”

"[His season has been] very positive, but even last season and his first year he's always been playing top-quality football. In his second season he set some fantastic stats and he's continued to contribute a lot. He's adapting very well to what this team needs. He's a magical player who's going to go down in football history. As well as everything he does for the team, he also scores goals so I'm very happy with what he's doing." 




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