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14 Dec 2015
Víctor was emphasizing the collectiveness and the sacrifice of his players. The coach of Barcelona was saying that the result was unfair for what his team did on the pitch.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was satisfied with the performance of his team, “Of course the point is really good for us, understanding that only a few points will be escaping from this stadium. It allows us to keep adding in the race for the permanence. We congratulate the players for the big sacrifice they have done. One more time the will of the team wasn’t affected after starting trailing, we had the capacity to react and we are content as this is a trademark of this team, because it isn’t the first time facing a big rival fighting for a title. We must congratulate the players.”

He also explained the tactic of game obstructing the central game of the Catalans, “It was a tactic to block the main virtue of this team, which is to monopolize the ball possession and drain you physically. They trend to use the road through Busquets and both centre-backs; we tried to make a game cutting this factor, something that was forcing Barcelona to ends the attacks faster and we prepared the game defending with seven men and later seize the chances in the counterattack, thus we were able to reduce the statistics of Barcelona regarding shots on target, from an average of 17 per game I believe they were reduced to the half.”

“It was the idea: If you want to get a point at the Camp Nou you need to reduce the offensive possibilities of the rivals; what happens is that you have the genius of Barcelona’s players, they scored a great goal in set-piece and we changed things after half-time, and we guessed right. But the reward should be for the players for the great game they have done.” He added.

The Madrilenian man refused the idea that Barcelona were relaxed after the 2-0, “I watched a Barcelona that sought for the game until the referee whistled the end and I also watched a Deportivo that sought for the victory until the end; actually we had two clear chances in the counterattack at the end that could have unbalanced the game in our favour. There’s no doubt that Barcelona went for the victory in that race they have for the title. We also tried with our humbler goals to get the victory.”

The coach was asked if he was happy as Deportivo conquered a point and played with its natural style, “We are only worried for been competitive in each game; the labels don’t interest us. Each one will put a label to their favourite team, we only manage a system and several variants according to the players that we have, we just manage the circumstances and since that point we try to minimize the strengths of the rival and maximize our virtues taking in mind the weakness that we find.”

Finally, Víctor talked of the collective work when he was asked about the great game of players like Cardoso and Lucas, “As you know, we don’t like to personalize the success of the results no matter the great moment of our players. It’s a collective work and without the work of everybody you cannot achieve anything. The individualities are at the service of the team. The best example is Álex, our captain, he is the example of a worker that never fails with his behavior. Today he scored a goal and it is a nice reward, but always at the service of the group.”

Lucas Pérez scored for the six straight opportunity and he was more content for the result, “I’m very content with the reaction of the team. Not too many teams will equalize at the Camp Nou. Last year Barcelona didn’t give anything for free and this year it was the same. This is the work done by the team, the coaching staff and the board.”

“The result was adverse, but you have to keep fighting. Nobody gave us anything for free and we are fighting there. We were fine and planned correctly the game. We were behind 0-2 and were forced to search for the result. We achieved the 2-2 and had the chance to kill them, but we won’t look at that as we achieved a great result.” He added.

Finally, Lucas explained the secret of this Deportivo, “The hard work, the humility and the sacrifice. The humanity inside this changing room. Everybody is united and there are no complaints no matter they aren’t playing. It is what makes you grow during the trainings.”

Álex Bergantiños scored his second goal at Primera [his second against Barca] he commented that, “They scored a goal in a set-pieces and things turned to be difficult, but with the changes I believe we earned some speed and we dared to play a little more and were more dangerous in our attacks. We scored a goal and saw our options, we attacked as we saw that we were able to get something from Barca.”

About the planning of the game, the midfielder commented that, “I believe it was a success of the coach, he prepared really well the game during the week. It was a little different to what others teams did, which is to defend at the back with two lines close to each other; we tried to harm in our exits as they could push you to the back and you will never go out of there. In the first half we missed some aim, but in the second we interpreted things better.”

Miguel Cardoso had a dreamed debut at Primera División; he was expressing his feelings after the game, “I was warming up and was a little anxious and when the coach told me that I was going out I just tried to do what he told me. I don’t think that things changed just because I entered. I feel happiness, especially because we were losing 0-2 and we drew in the end. I am also happy for going out, I wasn’t expecting to go out, less in a game in Barcelona. I believe things worked for me and now we must continue working in order to have minutes.”

“It is a draw that tastes like a victory, because after been down 0-2 it isn’t easy to score two goals in a filed like this playing against one of the best teams in the world. Off course the players are very happy and now we have to think of the game in Copa in midweek.” The Portuguese winger added.

President Tino Fernández reminded that the goal continues to be the permanence, “The draw is a plus for our spirit, but we must be cool and win the next game with Eibar, a team from our league. The goal is to not go down and until we mathematically achieve the permanence we cannot think of other things.”

At FC Barcelona, coach Luis Enrique was saying that the result was unfair, "It seems Lady Luck smiles on Deportivo whenever they visit the Camp Nou. On the balance of play, I think it was an unfair result. They put in a brave performance and the final result shows that they were right to do so. Football doesn't always reward the team who create the most, but the team who take their chances".

"We completely controlled the game until the 30th minute of the second half when they scored that first goal which the referee disallowed. Until that moment, my players looked really good. We were in control because we were very tight in defence. This just shows us that we have to remain focused, even when we're 2-0 up.” He added.

At least the Asturian coach admitted that he was wrong with the substitutions made in the second part, "Yes, that's true. Maybe I expected more from my substitutes, but hey. I've taken note, maybe it was my mistake. The buck stops with the coach."

Andrés Iniesta didn’t have an explanation to what happened in this game, “It's inexplicable. At the end, especially, we have lost control of the match. When we should have it, we ended losing it. We have provided facilities to the rival when we were 2-0 on the scoresheet. These things happen. You have to analyze it so it won’t happen again. It is true that in two weeks we dropped points, but this only makes it more tighten. We dropped two points and must be analyzed, I insist.”



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