07 Nov 2006
Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s is reaching the mark of 200 matches in Primera, a personal record that he will fulfil this Sunday against Gimn??stic de Taragona. The Sevillan talked with sportpaper <i>AS</i> about several issues of his career, he also approached to other themes like the line-up for the copa confrontation with Racing, and also about the possibility of signing reinforcements during the winter market.

Q: On Sunday you will fulfil 200 games as a coach in Primera. Is an important day or just one more number?
A: For me it's a satisfaction. When I started to coach, I never care to be doing it in Segunda B or in Tercera... I was just thinking in making a good season. Now, I am reaching the mark of 200 matches in Primera, and I am doing it with gratitude. Gratitude with the people, because the work of a trainer reflects the confidence that the president puts on you. Roberto Al?Šs, Del Nido, Lendoiro... the coaches that have worked with me like Antonio ?lvarez, Orellana, Luci, Franganillo, Javi Reyes...  without them, I wouldn't be reaching the mark of 200 games. To be a coach means a collective concept. And off course, I have to mention the players that I had. They supported me and they were compromised with our concept.

Q: Do you remember your debut in Primera?
A: Yes I do. It was with Sevilla at the S??nchez Pizju??n. And we lost against Barcelona with a goal scored by Kluivert (0-1). I even remember the line-up!

Q: Yes? Could you repeat it?
A: Notario, Javi Navarro, Alfaro, David, Casquero, Francisco. Upfront with Oliveira and Reyes... I am just missing the wingers.

Q: Do you felt that you were reaching the top at that time?
A: No. When I started with Recreativo, and when I debuted with Sevilla in Segunda, I felt a lot of things. I am excited just to remember those feelings. Later it came the debut in Primera, besides it was with Sevilla. If someone says to a football fan that he will be a coach, and with an specific club...

Q: Do you feel sorry for some decisions that you took during this long way?
A: I am not that kind of man that feels sorry for the decisions taken in the past. I feel like been a privilege person, because I am doing what I like: to coach. I am just wishing to be able to keep the hope. I want a team that gives me confidence. I never think about where I could have gone. I even considered as a positive experience when I was fired from Villarreal, I met people that gave me a lot on that occasion.

Q: Where do you see yourself for the game No. 300?
A: I don't know. I am just worried about the game 200, that's going to be against N??stic. I always say to my assistances that when we win a game, we have a margin of fifteen days. It's a joke, but it's also a way to see the reality in football. The objectives could be distracting you, and if you fall on that, you could be sorry. It's necessary to be constantly learning.

Q: Is the national team of Spain one of your goals for the future?
A: Yes, off course it is. It should be for any coach. The national coach is the reference of the other trainers, for that reason we have to support and respect Luis (Aragon?Šs).

Q: How many games do you need in order to conquer your first title?
A: A title is a personal success that reminds in your curriculum. But I prefer other achievements, like to help in the appearance of world level players, or to help the clubs in their progress. With Recreativo as example, we reached Segunda and I helped to create the bases. Also in Sevilla. If they give me the option to choose, I will not know if I would prefer to achieve a title or to say "I helped to consolidate a club."

Q: Do you think that it's possible to achieve that with Deportivo?
A: We are doing the right things in order to create the bases. Is worthy to win a title just to be relegated in the following season? that's like making five steps forward, only to make ten steps backward. There are a lot of examples, if we create solid bases, later the titles will arrive.

Q: Do you see Sevilla as the champion of la liga?
A: Sevilla possess an idea of how to be a club, and the sell of important players have helped them to make important steps. They are already consolidated. But the most important thing is the security they have as an institution, but it isn't a process that will rest one year. If something is wrong like having a lot injuries, then I am sure that they will be at the top once again for the following year. Sevilla will be the champion of la liga in the short period. If not this year, the next one. They are going to bring a lot of titles to the fans.

Q: Let's go back to Depor. How do you value the work done so far?
A: The team is reaching a lot of confidence at home and they are believing in themselves. Little by little we are approaching to the idea that we want: to be a team. We have just to learn how to play away from home, in that issue we are failing.

Q It has been said that Babydepor is suffering a lot when the rival gives the ball to them.
A: If you don't attack properly, the possession loses its effectiveness. With less possession, with velocity and open spaces, the rival doesn't have the opportunity to fall back.

Q; The true is that the first quarter of la liga has been already played, and Depor is near to Europe and with a projection that surpass the sixty points at the end of the season...
A: The sensations so far are good, and the data invites us to be optimistic. This is the line that we must follow. We are a team with a large margin, a lot of players are just starting at a high level and we don't know yet how far they can go. We have to help them to believe that they are important. We are in the correct way, but we have to wait, because the mentality of a team is something that can't be created in months, not even in a year. The problem is that in the highest competition, you don't have time.

Q: The other competition is the copa, it seems that you are making a lot of changes for the game in Santander.
A: It's a pretty competition, and we are giving the importance that the tournament deserves, it's also useful to see in action some players that are very important for us. There you have the cases of Juanma, Adri??n... they demonstrated that their rhythm is good.

Q: Who seems to be showing up as a starter is Jorge Andrade...
A: Jorge is in a important phase. We know the importance of the friendly games that we are playing on Wednesdays. Besides to be travelling around Galicia is helping the players to maintain the rhythm. To see Andrade playing in this game is something that depends of his sensations before the confrontation. If he is comfortable and happy, he will play.

Q: Now that the problems with Adri??n are solved, it seems that you have more alternatives upfront.
A: He is a boy that will be whatever he wants to be. It's a different player, one that we don't have. He is offensive and very creative. Against Racing he made an important play that gave us the victory. Against Barcelona he also showed his skills, confidence to do some things. He will fail and will probably choose the wrong solutions, but for that reason he has just reached the age of 18.

Q: With this perspectives in mind. Will we see new signings during the winter market?
A: We have a president that sees a lot of football, a secretary that works hard, and we already know the profile of the man that we want. We are following several players. We can't discard the option of signing in January. But specially, we are looking forward to recuperate Valer??n and Pablo ?lvarez. To recuperate Valer??n means a huge thing. If we were needing to sign a player like him, we wouldn't have the money to do it.

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