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21 Dec 2015
New victory for Deportivo and new success for Víctor in the planning of the game. Lucas scored for the seventh straight game tying the mark of Bebeto, Arribas was the figure, and Fajr was the key.

The following are the seven notes from the home game against SD Eibar:

1- New success for Víctor. If Víctor Sánchez has demonstrated something, it is that he is a coach that likes to study the rivals and that plans the games based in their characteristics. In this match he was focused in the fact that Eibar is the team that makes more crosses at Primera, with an average above the 35 crosses per match. They are also the team with more goals in set-pieces (8). So, the goal was to avoid these situations. In this opportunity the Basques only made 24 crosses and the most important thing: they only made one shot on target.

Thus Deportivo continue to be the Primera team that allows the lesser number of shots. Actually, Víctor converted the advantage of Eibar into an advantage for Depor, because the Galicians were the ones really dangerous on the wings, with Lucas moving into the left and Fajr on the right, while Luis Alberto was waiting at the centre.

2- Luisinho. Perhaps the only error of Víctor was to not change Luisinho before. The coach admitted that he talked to the player at half-time in order to avoid a new incident that could mean a yellow card. Perhaps the first yellow was rigorous, but clearly the player failed trying to simulate a penalty when he was already booked. This is the fourth expulsion on Luisinho in liga since his arrival to Depor (fifth in all the competitions).

3- Lucas Pérez ties the mark of Bebeto. And Lucas did it: he scored for the seventh straight matchday tying the club’s record of Bebeto. In the season 1992/93, the Brazilian scored 11 goals between matchdays 13 & 19. Now Lucas has scored once between matchdays 10 and 16. He has now netted 12 goals on the season.

4- Another great game by Arribas. Alejandro Arribas was the best player in the game. He not only was solid in defense, with five clearances, two opportune blocks and two key interceptions, but also scored the second goal that sealed the victory. People are constantly naming Lucas as a candidate for the national teams, Arribas is starting to make the merits for it too.

5- Problems at midfield. Deportivo suffered its own medicine, at the Camp Nou the Blanquiazul outfit obstructed all the passing lines by the centre, now Eibar did the same. Pedro Mosquera had several problems and only had a passing accuracy of 69%, his worst on the season. It explains why Depor was a thick team at the moment of attacking.

6- Silent, but important game by Fajr. The reader will probably remember the game of Fayçal Fajr only by the big chance that he missed in the first half, when the score was still 0-0. The true is i that he was beyond that as the Moroccan was the most active man in the match. With Mosquera off, he was the Depor’s player with more touches (74) and was the attacker with the best passing ratio (76%). With Mosquera off, the motors was Fajr.

7- The set-pieces. Perfect game for Deportivo in terms of the set-pieces. The team defended pretty well these actions before the rival that scores more goals in this department, to the point that the first goal was born from a long throw by Lux after a corner-kick, and later the team secured the three points through a penalty and a corner-kick. Depor are now the 11th team at Primera with more goals in set-pieces (1 penalty, 1 free-kick and 3 corner-kicks).




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