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21 Dec 2015
Víctor was praising Lucas Pérez and also the collective performance at Deportivo. He still believes that the goal is the permanence. Lucas said that he has doubts about the penalty that he earned.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was analyzing the match, “I want to congratulate the players. They did pretty well in a game that was very difficult. We knew the rival was coming here searching for the victory and we congratulate the players as they competed at the top. The game was highly disputed, with chances for both sides. The clearest opportunities were ours. German [Lux], apart from a rebound, didn’t make any save.”

“Truly Eibar base their game on the wings, I believe they are the ones with the highest number of crosses at Primera División and we defended pretty well those opportunities and avoided the shots. Later, with ten men, we competed better, and that’s great. The team is growing and competing.” He added.

The Madrilenian was talking of the red card saw by Luisinho, “I talked to him, I didn’t watch the footage and didn’t ask him if there was a penalty or not. We talked to him at half-time in order to prevent this. There was an advantage and any play could mean an expulsion as he already had a yellow card. We advised him to be careful with the elbows or to not throw himself to the ground and it happened. It passed through his mind, luckily it didn’t have a repercussion. It happened in Copa and now too and we were able to compete.”

Normally, Víctor doesn’t talk of individual performances, but this time he was praising Lucas Pérez after matching the mark of Bebeto, “Tremendous, tremendous. We spent a lot of time reading comments highlighting the performance of Lucas and I won’ add more. He isn’t only a player that adds goals, but also works hard in defence. He is a very complete player. We are enchanted with him and is calling for a place at the national team.”

Later the coach continued saying that the goal continues to be the permanence, “We are twelve points above the relegation; we have twenty-six points, sensational at this height in the season, but you cannot be save with twenty-six points. So, the goal continues to be the same, now we have to prepare the game against Getafe trying to add three more points. We understand that our game is exciting the fans, but in the inside the debate continues to be the same: to save ourselves. We want to add the three points in each game and thus to reach the permanence as soon as possible.”

Asked about the performance of Arribas, he said that, “We are very happy for the victory of the team, in defence we were very good. The central defence was pretty well, both Sidnei and Arribas, they were great. We are seeing the fruits of the set-pieces. We work these plays behind closed doors at Abegondo. It helped us in both goals.”

Alejandro Arribas commented that, “We knew it was an important game for us. Everybody said it during the week and I believe the team demonstrated that it competed from the start and until the end. We achieved the goal and are leaving quiet for the Christmas break. “

The centre-back emphasized the collective work when he was asked about his great performance in this match, “I believe all the players are fine, the team is fine. Each day we are giving more and growing, it also affects the fact of been constantly playing. The team is fine and everybody is happy and we played a great game.”

All eyes were upon Lucas Pérez, who tied the mark of Bebeto regarding goals in straight matchdays at Depor.  He preferred to emphasize the victory, “I don’t look at records; I just look at the victory of the team. My goal helped for the win, also the goal by Arribas. We have made a great job. Deportivo made a great job, and that’s the important thing. Bebeto will continue to be the great legend of Deportivo, he will not die.”

About the play of the penalty, he admitted the doubts about the call, “Capa pushed me and later the keeper treads on me. I don’t know if the keeper says that he touched the ball. I don’t know. They locked me. I need to watch the action again. I don’t know if it was penalty or not, I have my doubts.” Asked about the national team, the attacker said that, “Easy, we have won today, which is the important thing. If Del Bosque calls me, it will be a pride. With hard work the reward arrives. “

Bebeto wrote a message to Lucas Pérez on his Facebook page after he tied the record of straight matchdays scoring a goal, “I congratulate Lucas Pérez for tying a record that only I achieved at Deportivo 20 years ago. Welcome to the history of this incredible team. To be a Deportivista has the reward of been eternalized and loved by the Riazor Blues, the most loved fans in the world. It’s to daily feel the love of a group of fans that will never forget you no matter what happens.”

Pedro Mosquera is happy for the performance of Depor in the first round, “I believe we are doing a great first round, and this game was one more. We were fine even with ten men. You cannot ask for more. No one imagined this, for the budget we were a candidate to be down there, and right now we are sixth. This is the product of the great work made by the coaching staff.”

Fede Cartabia entered the game for the final minutes, he was commenting that, “This was an important victory that’s approaching the goal of the salvation. Now it’s time to rest and return stronger after the holidays.”

At SD Eibar, coach José Luis Mendilibar said that the expulsion affected more his team than Depor, "In the second half we haven’t been like in the first part, they were feeling comfortable. We didn’t finish the plays and it was worse after the expulsion. It seemed that the side with eleven men was Depor. We have allowed the second and the game ended there.”

He was also affirming that the penalty over Lucas shouldn’t have been whistled, “It was a silly play; after an attack for our side they whistled a penalty that, in my opinion, wasn’t clear, because our goalkeeper touched the ball first. The referee allowed the play to continue and it was the linesman who whistled it.”



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