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07 Nov 2006
Deportivo and Racing will fight today for the qualification to the quarterfinals in copa del rey. Depor has a 1-0 advantage and the Galician club only needs a draw or even a one-goal defeat to qualify, but this last result must be achieved with Caparr??s' team scoring at least once. Both coaches mill make several changes to their squads, Caparr??s has even prepared 10 changes to the team that drew with Barcelona for la liga.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s will continue to trust in his 'B squad'. He will only maintain Juanma in the squad that drew with Barcelona on the past Saturday. The Andalucian defender will play alongside with Andrade on the centre. A luxury combination it must be said. Captain Manuel Pablo will return to cover the right side, and Rodri will play as left back. Mun??a will be the goalkeeper of the squad.

The main novelty in midfield is the return of Juli??n de Guzm??n, the Canadian international has been injured lately and he will make his official debut on this season. His partner on the pivote functions will be Juan Rodr?­guez. Meanwhile, Fabi??n Estoyanoff will cover the right wing, while Filipe Luis will play on the left. Iago will have the responsibility of generating the occasion to score and youngster Adri??n L??pez will be the striker. The other players that were called for the match are: Aouate, Riki, Lopo, Arbeloa and  Verd??.

Before to the match, winger Fabi??n Estoyanoff explained the tactic that the Galician team will use: "We will not be waiting for them, the squad will try to score a goal. We want to win the games, no matter that we are playing at home or as a visitor. Maybe the things aren't working out when we play outside home, but the rival knows that they are playing against Deportivo, and they are using counterattacks against us."

Juanma was another player that gave his opinion about the match, he also believes that Deportivo must have the initiative on this game: "We can't be just defending the result. We want to win the match, at least we must score a goal. The squad can't be just speculating with the result achieved at home. That would be a mistake, because they could score a goal at any moment."

Coach Miguel ?ngel Portugal is preparing a squad that combines normal starters with 'bench players'. The main novelty is that ex-Depor winger Pedro Munitis would start on the bench, and it seems that striker Nikola Zigic would join him. The 16 players called out by Portugal are: To?±o, Calatayud, Oriol, Pablo Alfaro, Rub?©n, Cristian Fern??ndez, Balboa, Matabuena, Antonio Tom??s, Colsa, Serrano, Cristian ?lvarez, Juanjo, Aganzo, Munitis and Zigic.

Compared to the team that drew with Atlhetic Bilbao for la liga (0-0), coach Portugal will make a complete change in the defensive line. Veteran Pablo Alfaro and the ex-Real Madrid defender R??ben will cover the central positions, while Cristian ?lvarez will play on the right, and Cristian Fern??ndez on the left.

The zone that will not see changes is midfield. Colsa and Antonio Tom??s will be the responsible of managing the ball on that sector. Both players saw their fifth yellow card in la liga and they are suspended for the next liga game against Real Madrid, that's the main reason why Portugal has chosen them for this game. Felipe Melo should be also starting on this match, the Brazilian is also suspended for the game at the Bernabe??, but a knee problem has left him out of the list of called players.

The place of Melo will be covered by Oscar Serrano, while Balboa will replace Lionel Scaloni. The ex-Depor captain wasn't called for this game. The main doubts for coach Portugal is who should start in the striking zone. He want to give some rest to Munitis and Zigic in order to face the visit to Madrid for la liga. For this reason it has been speculated that the combination Juanju-Aganzo will replace them in the starting formation. Portugal could be thinking in using the 'sharpener duo' (Munitis and Zigic) if he needs goals during the second half.

Racing: Calatayud - Cristian ?lvarez, Rub?©n, Pablo Alfaro, Cristian Fern??ndez - Balboa, Antonio Tom??s, Colsa, Serrano - Juanju, Aganzo.
Deportivo: Mun??a - Manuel Pablo, Andrade, Juanma, Rodri - Juan Rodr?­guez, De Guzm??n - Estoyanoff, Iago, Filipe Luis - Adri??n.
Referee: Turienzo Alvarez
Kick-off: 20h45 (El Sardinero).

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