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24 Dec 2015
No one in a league of 20 clubs has suffered the relegation after been sixth by matchday 16, but the case of SD Eibar on last season is a warning for any side at the top.

On these days the main question asked to Deportivo’s players and coaches is if the team should start thinking of other goals beyond the permanence after spending in European positions for eight of the sixteen matchdays played so far.

The response of the players and coaches has been simple and the same: the permanence continues to be the goal and will be until it is achieved. As Víctor Sánchez said after the latest win over SD Eibar, ” “We are twelve points above the relegation; we have twenty-six points, sensational at this height in the season, but you cannot be save with twenty-six points. So, the goal continues to be the same.”

But can the relegation still a real threat for Deportivo? Statistically the answer should be no, because since the season 1987/88, campaign in which the Primera tournament is played by 20 clubs, no one has suffered the relegation after lying at the 6th place or higher by matchday 16.

Neither the current game practiced by the team is inviting to think of a possible debacle, because Deportivo continue to be a team that has competed in almost every game, reason why they only lost twice, a number only matched by current leaders FC Barcelona. Actually only a few teams in the top leagues have matched this number: PSG (undefeated so far), Leicester and Bayern Munich (both with one loss), plus Tottenham Hotspurs and Napoli (two defeats in their leagues)

But there’s a warning and is a recent one: SD Eibar. The Basques were playing good football and were 9th on last season with 20 points in the first 16 games. People started to consider them as the “revelation” of the league, but a terrible second round left them with only 35 points at the end of the campaign, and only the problems at Elche CF allowed them to stay at Primera.

So, the conclusion is that the relegation is a threat that really exists for Depor, but that’s less probable than at the beginning and that will disappear with the passage of the matchdays as long as the team is able to keep the same level.



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