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01 Jan 2016
Weak game by Deportivo, but the team continues to be consistent enough to rely as one of the teams with the best unbeaten streak in Europe. Big game by Lux and Sidnei, while Lucas continues to be the most dangerous man in attack.

The following are the seven notes from the visit to Getafe:

1- Consistency: One more time Depor didnít play a good game, but the team isnít losing, now the unbeaten streak has been extended to eight games, a mark only improved by other three clubs in the top-five leagues in Europe: PSG (19), Ajaccio (9) and Barcelona (9).

It demonstrates that Depor is a consistent team that, no matter it plays a good game or not, it is able to pick up points. It is the key in order to achieve the goals. In the case of the Blanquiazul outfit itís a fast way to the permanence and even to dream of bigger goals like a European competition.

2- Lux was the key: Depor have been praised for its defensive system and for been a team that barely allows shots, but in this game it suffered with the lateral game by Getafe, so it was hard to contain the shots by the Madrilenians. It is demonstrated by the stats. This was the second game with Depor allowing more shots (15, in the match against Barcelona the team allowed 17) and it was the third game in which Depor allowed more shots on target (5, 7 against Barcelona and 6 against Valencia).

So, it isnít strange that in the end the goalkeeper turned to be the best player at Depor. And itís that Lux made five saves, with three of them been shots from close range that normally would have ended in goal. Perhaps the best game of Lux during this season, just in the week when Pletikosa arrived in order to fight for a place.

3- Rain of crosses and lack of aim: The tactic of Getafe was simple: search for long balls looking for the back of the defenders and mainly through the wings and later trying to surprise with a cross from an unmarked man. Thus the Madrilenians ended making 29 crosses, the highest number suffered by Depor on this season.

What failed in this tactic is that 17 of those crosses (59% of the total) missed the target, while the good crosses were ending in shots that met Lux or that went out. In the end the locals only completed five shots on target, a low number taking in mind the times they approached the area.

4- Lucas is a reference: Lucas Pťrez was unable to extend his scoring streak to eight games, but he was the most dangerous player at Depor, completing three of the ten shots of the team in the game and two of the three shots on target. He was definitely the most dangerous man for the Galicians.

Getafeís players said before the meeting that they were prepared to do anything in order to avoid situations in which Lucas could have a chance to score, and the true is that they failed as Lucas had two clear chances to score in which his inaccuracy was the only thing that prevented the goal. Scoring goals or not, it is a fact that Lucas continues to be the offensive reference at Depor.

5- New lesson in the counterattack: Deportivo is one of the most dangerous teams in la liga playing on the counterattack, despite ending scoreless it was demonstrated in this game at the end of the first half with a lesson on how to transform a corner-kick into a dangerous counterattack. As it commonly happens Mosquera started the play with a long pass that found Lucas, later the striker did everything right until his curved shot missed the target. In this opportunity it would have been wiser to assist Luis Alberto who was waiting for the ball at the centre.

6- Great game by Sidnei: If the performance of Arribas was emphasized in the past game with SD Eibar, now the other centre-back at the starting formation, Sidnei Rechel, needs to be hailed. He had a very complete game in a very complicate meeting. The Brazilian led ted the defensive statistics with 3 tackles, 2 interceptions, 2 clearances and 1 blocked shot. And he even was joining the attacks in order to cause surprise.

7- The changes didnít work: Cartabia and Luis Alberto werenít factors in offense, but their substitutes didnít change the picture. JonŠs (9) and Cardoso (10) combined only touched the ball in 19 opportunities and Lucas was left alone. Only a coupler of moves by the Portuguese were noticed, though he was unable to end the plays with a proper cross.




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