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01 Jan 2016
Víctor and his players were satisfied with the point added in this game taking in mind the circumstances; they are aware that the rival was tough and that Depor didn’t play as good as in previous meetings.

Coach Víctor Sánchez admitted that Getafe was the team having the best opportunities in the game, “It was a highly disputed game, with alternatives and maybe clearer chances for them, German [Lux] was pretty good, mainly in set-pieces. We assumed risks and besides our best chance in the first half came after a set-piece.”

In this sense he sees the draw as a good result, “There was uncertainty for the result, many divided balls, something we previewed. This is a difficult field and both sides failed to capitalize the chances. So, we assume the draw as good and we made the game that we wanted but we missed accuracy to create more clear chances. We created as many opportunities as Getafe, but it’s also true that those weren’t clear chances.”

He didn’t want to make a balance as Depor end the year sixth at the standings, “The year 2016 is ending, but we cannot stop to think of analysis or resumes, because the competition continues and the calendar in January is full of games, with the Copa and the league continuing, so it isn’t time to make balances. It’s true that the year 2015 was emotive to me, but there’s no time to make analysis. This is one more step towards the goal of the permanence.”

German Lux was content as Depor got a point from a game that he described as ugly, “The true is that the feelings are good, because after the break we didn’t know how we were going to be. It was an ugly game before a though rival in a difficult field. I believe the draw is well deserved. The team made a big effort and we are leaving content.”

The Argentine keeper was asked about the importance of his saves in the match, “I am content. Truly Getafe had some opportunities in the first half and we tried to help the team in order to keep adding. The team has 27 points and only lost twice. We are making a solid first round and must continue the same. For now we are only thinking of the permanence, which is our only goal.”

Juanfran Moreno was also satisfied with the point added in this game, “It was a hard game before a great team that, in my opinion, have lesser points of what they deserve due to the game they practice. I liked it a lot and we are content as we continue without losing and in a position that’s pretty good.”

The Madrilenian also believes that Depor should only continue thinking of the permanence, “Beyond the European places, we see that we already have 27 points and it means a lot towards the permanence. Now we must continue in the same way, working the same and trying to see the fans been proud of us. “

Pedro Mosquera was facing his former club, he was commenting the game, “It was complicated; I believe that Getafe made the game that we expected, sending long balls searching for our backs. We started better in the first fifteen minutes and truly they ended better. Both sides had their chances and I believe the result was fair.”

The Galician midfielder was admitting that Depor are one of the surprises in la liga, “For the moment it is true that no one expected to see us having these points and lying in the Europa League. Let’s see if we can follow the same path, because the season is long and we must remain calm. “

At Getafe CF, Fran Escribá was convinced that his team deserve more in this game, “It’s always important to add, but I think we had the best chances and I'm annoyed. I am satisfied with the performance of the players, not the result. In the first half we were better, we found ourselves pretty well and were meeting Victor and Sarabia. In the second half the match was more balanced. We were safe at the back and we always went for the game.”

“The fact that their goalkeeper has been the most outstanding player says a lot of what we did well. I fall short of the points we added to finish the year. We added three of the last nine points having done everything to try to get them all. We did enough to win the last three games and the team is growing." He added.



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