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05 Jan 2016
Depor had the ball possession for the first time in nine games, it’s true that the referee committed important mistakes, but it’s also true that the defence failed in the goals. Víctor also lasted in making changes.

The following are the eight notes from the defeat before Villarreal:

1- The ball possession: The ball possession was for Depor in this game (55%). In recent games Deportivo were defined as a team that feels comfortable playing in the counterattack and without needing the ball possession in order to succeed. But in this match it also demonstrated that it feels comfortable having the ball. In the previous eight games the team never had the ball more than the rival (the last time was against Málaga CF (51%, Oct 24).

Truly Depor missed more ideas to break Villarreal’s defence, but it should be reminded that it is a solid rival that was coming from a streak of four straight games without allowing goals, including the meeting with Real Madrid, and at the beginning of the second half Depor created enough chances to have scored more than one goal and all was based in the ball possession.

2- Another solid game before a top-team: Despite the defeat Deportivo played again a great game before a team at the top; actually this was the first defeat on the season before a rival that’s fighting for the European positions and it occurred just when the first round is about to end. Once again Depor demonstrated that it can compete at this level.

3- Cartabia missing in action: The Argentine missed a new chance to impress performing as a starter. He did too little in the game and his contribution was reduced to three shots that missed the target, plus the rebound that ended in Luis Alberto’s goal. He was replaced in the second part after suffering an ankle knock before half-time.

4- Late changes: Once again Víctor only made two changes and in this game it gave the sense that it was too late. By the end of the game Depor had already lost the impulse and was barely stepping into the rival’s area. Cardoso and Oriol Riera entered at minute 76 and didn’t have the time to demonstrate anything. It gave the sense that the modifications should have been made before.

5- The referees: Deportivo have enough reasons to feel offended with referee Fernández Borbalán. Villarreal’s first goal came after an inexistent foul and the penalty over Arribas was pretty clear for everybody except hm. The different criterion to whistle the teams continues to be a huge problem in la liga as similar actions in other games were whistled as penalties. Even Víctor complained that in this game the referee had a different criterion to whistle the actions at both areas.

6- Big error by Navarro Despite people protested the work of the referee, it cannot be denied that Fernando Navarro committed a huge mistake for how he defended the last-minute attack of Villarreal that ended in the penalty. He was brought due to his experience and a veteran cannot commit these mistakes. It is the second penalty allowed by Depor and the second caused by Navarro, who also provoked the penalty against Celta that was later saved by Lux.

7- Poor defense in the first goal: The corner-kick of the first goal was poorly defended as Villarreal did what it wanted. There were three combinations made by Villarreal’s players before the goal and it gave the impression that Depor was fooled. After the game Víctor explained that what happened is that there were less men defending as the team was trying to have more presence in attack for a possible counterattack. He didn’t give importance to it calling it a “simple mismatch”.

8- Lux: Despite allowing two goals, German Lux had a great game. After the equalizer the Argentine goalie made a great save in a one-on-one action before Denis Suárez (50’) that kept Depor in the game. It’s the second straight game with Lux been a positive factor for Deportivo. 





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