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05 Jan 2016
Third defeat on the league season and there was frustration at Deportivo, not only for the work done by Fernández Borbalán, but also because the team made a great game and ended dropping a positive result at the last minute.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was complaining of the different criterion at both areas, this after been asked about the penalty that defined the game, “From the bench it is hard to watch those plays; what our players told us inside the changing room is that he touched the player in the head with the chin [Navarro over Samu Garcia] And after a play of Areola over Arribas in which he hit him with the fists in the face leaving the player practically knocked down for the remaining of the game, something that wasn’t considered as penalty. And comparing a touch of the chin over the head I consider that the difference in the criterion is big, but well, this is football and won’t give excuses. These things happen in football.”

Despite the defeat, he was content with the performance of the team, “A point would have been too little reward for us due to the work done by the team. But we would have been content if the game would have ended in a draw. We did more merits, but in the end these things happen.”

We are content despite the defeat for the work done and for the communion with the fans, it is what remains as it is what brings the performance to reach the goals. We didn’t allow Villarreal to display their habitual game and had more opportunities than the rival, and we left empty-handed. We won’t cry about it as the team is growing and we are content.” He added.

Depor’s coach also talked of the feelings inside the changing room, “The feeling is bittersweet, but we are there. The players are frustrated for how the game ended, but they understand that the work has been done. These are the little details that you find in the competition and that mark a result. For us this is the important thing and they are already thinking of the next game.”

Finally, Víctor explained the error in the mark in the play of Villarreal’s first goal, “No, we don’t defend those plays with offensive players. What happened is that they met us in a two-on-two action and made a short pass. It was a disadvantage that we assumed in order to take advantage of the counterattack. It was a mismatch.”

Fayçal Fajr was feeling frustrated with the late goal of Villarreal, “We are a little screwed, because they cannot whistle you a penalty at the last minute, at the 93’. I don’t know if he touched him or not and we are feeling screwed inside the changing room. We must move forward. We made a great second half, we had chances to score and today it was bad luck.”

“Off course it changed the game. I don’t know if it was penalty. I don’t know if he touched him or not, but surely many referees won’t whistle this penalty. In the end he whistled it and in the end they scored the second. We made a great game before a rival playing in Europe and we must move forward.” The Morrocan added.

Luis Alberto scored his fourth goal in the season, but was also feeling frustrated, “Yes, it is a disappointment. You make a great game before a great rival like Villarreal and in the end you go home with zero points. I met the goal and had good feelings, but everything passed from going home content to do it screwed.”

The Andalusian attacker was complaining of the penalty over Arribas that wasn’t whistled, “I was at the side. We are coming from watching a penalty at the Camp Nou in which the keeper touched the ball, in this one he directly hit him in the face and didn’t want to make the decision of whistling the penalty, something that for me it was clear. The keeper hit him with the fists in the face and the referee didn’t want to whistle the penalty.”

Alejandro Arribas was interviewed by the television and said that he didn’t remember what happened in the play of the possible penalty, “I know that the goalkeeper went out for the ball, but later I don’t remember anything else in the play.” Later it was known that he didn’t remember details of the game as who scored the goals, so the club informed that he was under medical supervision at his home, though one day later was training normally.

Fede Cartabia explained why he wasn’t replaced at half-time after suffering an injury, “I suffered a strong knock and it hurts a lot. It was an unfortunate play in which he fell over my ankle and I hurt myself. I tried to continue and lucky was able to stay.”

Later the Argentine player complained for the defeat, “It was unfair, they just scored the goals and didn’t do too much else. We were able to tie and did a lot more. The penalty over Arribas was also clear and in the last play they whistled a penalty that it is only whistled in one of ten opportunities. They pulled his shirt and later the goalkeeper finished the job, but well, everybody makes mistakes and we must move forward.”

At Villarreal CF, coach Marcelino Toral admitted that the fairest result would have been a draw, “We won a game in which, maybe, for the merits done by both teams, the fairest thing would have been the draw. The game was upside down after their equalizer.”

“We didn’t have problems with our two pivotes and neither with our four defenders, it reactivated the offensive game of the team and it improved our performance. Within the last minutes we dominated the game, the rival didn’t create any danger and we spent the time in the offensive half. Later from a combined play it arrived the penalty in the added time and we are satisfied.” He added.



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