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11 Jan 2016
The coach and the players were disappointed with the result and with the call of the referee in the first goal, but were also pointed out that the difference in the aim was the factor that marked the game.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was trying to be optimistic despite the heavy loss, “We ended the first round and the feelings are positive, because we are in a very good situation. In today’s game, off course, we aren’t satisfied with the result, but the Santiago Bernabeú is a stadium from which only a few points will fly away. We tried and I believe we offered a positive impression. We were in the game and had a positive start with a very solid first minutes.”

Later he talked of the polemic play of the first goal, “There was a play over there, I cannot tell you if it was or not a polemic action, but my players commented to me that the assistant was saying that the position of their players didn’t have any influence for the offside, but Lux says to me that he didn’t see the ball for the player that was standing there, but well, it is a difficult play and I believe the assistant isn’t the right person to make that call. Later their second goal demonstrated their great punch ad we cannot say anything. “

The Madrilenian man is convinced that the aim marked the difference in the match, “We tried to create our chances in the game We had them, but missed the aim. And precisely what Real Madrid had was aim. The third goal came just when the second half was starting and it sentenced the game, even then we congratulated the players, because they had a great behavior and sought for the goal until the last minute. We thank them and let’s think of the game in Copa.”

“We could have taken the lead in a clear chance in a set-piece and Madrid weren’t dominating. But they found that goal and our sin was to not have the patience to reach the rival’s area. With the score against us we weren’t able to have long possessions and were hurried trying to reach the area, then there were losses and imprecisions. The game was open until they found the second goal.” He added.

Víctor denied the idea that Real Madrid surprised him with their development in the game, “I still have to analyze the game to see all the situations, but there was a forecast saying that we were going to meet an intense Madrid searching for everything, but it wasn’t like that.”

Álex Bergantiños was pointing to the aim as the factor that defined the game, “Madrid made 22 or 23 shots while we made 18. I believe they were pretty effective, but that’s why they are the best players in the world. It happens this when they have aim. I believe we aren’t entirely satisfied with the game that we made, because there were things in which we could have been better, but seeing their aim it’s hard to make more.”

“We were fine, but the first goal affected us. It came in a set-piece and it was a little fortunate, with a lot of people in front of German and before we had a big chance for Lucas that, if he would have scored, then it would have changed the game. At that point we were anxious and soon they scored the second, later the game was upside down. When you attack they have speed to define the plays and it was complicated. We completed several shots, but missed aim to score a goal that would have put us back into the game.” He added.

Lucas Pérez commented that big chance that he had when the score still was 0-0, “The first chance I had, I believe Keylor was really lucky as he found the ball there, beyond anything else, it penalized us our own decisions. We need to have patience up front and this is Real Madrid.” After missing to score in three straight games he denied the idea that he is losing punch, “Neither I was the best before nor I am the worst now.”

He is convinced that to allow quick goals in both halves was the key to lose in this way, “I believe that to allow the first goal within the first fifteen minutes it affected us. And then, at the start of the second part, we went out to attack and conceded again. From a play in which Álex Bergantiños was close to arrive we ended with a goal allowed and it ended there.”

Finally, the Galician attacker said that he is satisfied with the first round made by Deportivo, “I believe it was pretty good We are there with 27 points in the first round. The goal is the salvation and we are on that. We must continue working.”

Pedro Mosquera was saying that Depor played a good game despite the heavy loss, “It happens on this field that, when you play well, having the ball and arrivals, you end allowing five or more goals. I believe we only missed aim to define, while they were pretty effective. Truly it was hard when we didn’t have the ball, but we weren’t soft. We were better having the ball, but missed aim up front.”

The midfielder was also feeling sorry for the goal that Lucas missed at the beginning of the goal, “If we would have scored then surely the game would have been different, but we missed aim in attack, neither in this play nor in the others, because we had arrivals and completed several shots.”

Luis Alberto also understands that the difference in the aim was the key in the match, “When they are fine it happens this kind of thing at the Bernabeú. If the chance by Lucas would have entered then the game would have been different. Besides, their first goal was offside. This is our league and we must continue working.”

He was upset with the call of the referee in the first goal, but is satisfied with the performance of the team in the first round, “We are leaving screwed. It is harder when you come here and they score a goal in the first minutes, but we must think of the next game. The team made a nice first round and we must do it the same way or better in the second.”

At Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane was pretty happy with the performance of his team, “I’m happy. Today is a new challenge. What I want to do is enjoy it. I’m grateful to the fans, but I think they are here to see the players and their reward was the victory. It’s not easy to win 5-0 against a side like Depor. What I’ll take from this match is the attitude of those who played and those who didn’t.”

He didn’t give importance to the lack of aim by Ronaldo, “I thought Cristiano looked good. He always has to score because he likes it, but I thought he looked good. We’ll have to have another game so he can score one [laughs]” Finally he assured that the players didn’t show a different attitude now compared to the past stage with Rafa Benítez, “Nothing’s changed among the players. The coach has changed and I’m going to try and play as well as possible.”



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