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24 Jan 2016
Depor’s coach warned that the second round is going to be tougher and expects that the public will give a boost to the team. Valencia’s coach was defending himself from the criticism that surrounds the club.

Gary Alexander Neville is a well-known former English player that made his entire career at Manchester United FC. He played 400 league games for the Red Devils and was United's second longest serving player in the squad winning all the titles in the Premier League and also two Champions League trophies plus one FIFA Club World Cup.

His experience as a coach before joining Valencia CF is reduced to be part of the staff with Roy Hodgson in England’s national squad and also was a Sky Sports pundit. Gary was appointed as head coach at Valencia CF on December 2, 2015. Neville's brother, Phil, was previously hired as caretaker manager at Los Ches due to their business relation with the owner, Peter Lim.

But the arrival of Neville hasn’t fixed the huge problems at Valencia, with him on board the team has disputed eleven official games and only won three, all of them in Copa Del Rey (once before Barakaldo and both legs against Granada CF). He lands at the Riazor with his team dragging a mark of nine straight liga games without wins. This is his first meeting before Víctor Sánchez as a coach, though both faced each other in the Champions League during their career as players.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He talked to reporters for fifteen minutes. He was valorizing the fact that Depor have to play two straight games at the Riazor and also the current position of the team, “We had to face the opposite situation in the first round, obviously we now face it at home. We hope to have the support of our fans, which has been important, so the players can have their push and it’s important for the team. It is vital to play at home for us. I said before that the union is important, and it helped us in the past.”

“Taking in mind that we are one of the lowest budgets in the league the element of the support is fundamental. We cannot lose the perspective of humility, because been one of the lowest budgets we are competing with top teams at Primera. And the second round is going to be tougher, because the need of several teams will push them to compete better. That’s the case of Valencia side that has to be higher due to the potential of their team. It pushes the teams to yield more. After a great first round we are in better position than other teams that must come from behind, and we saw it yesterday with Sporting Gijón, side that was coming from a negative streak and that was in need, it defeated a Real Sociedad that was coming in an ascending line.” He added.

About the rival, he was asked if the need of Valencia is a factor that can be useful to Deportivo, “It can take you in two directions. It can take you to anxiety and have more doubts, or it can take you to yield better. We don’t know how it will affect them. What we should do? To be ready to host a powerful rival. Valencia is pretty strong and we cannot wait to see a blocked team in a mental sense, no. We understand the game is going to be difficult due to the level of the rival.”

The Madrilenian coach doesn’t think that the casualty of Alcácer is going to affect the rival, “From our view they are prepared. Valencia have a squad from Champions League. They have great players and no matter who plays, they are quality players.”  He said that it is motivating to face Valencia, “It is an historical rival for our club and that’s motivating.”

Depor’s coach was explaining the difference with the game in the first round, “That Valencia were coming after surpassing the previous round in Champions League, they were in an important physical level, because the demand was high, so they started in a high level and later were trapped in a series of circumstances that put them in a difficult situation, but for me the main difference was the physical state.”

He didn’t give importance to the fact that Depor haven’t won any game in 2016, “The group is confident in the work that has been done, we lived it before in the first round. There were times in which we chained four draws and were the team spending five weeks without winning, suddenly you win a game and you turn to be the team spending eight weeks without losing. It depends how you see the glass.”

Then the coach was asked about situations in the market. He admitted that Cardoso could go out in the coming days, “We are interested in his progress, right now the possibility of a loan is part of the plans of the sporting direction, it isn’t something planned by the coach. It is something to be analyzed.”

Víctor was also asked by the chance to sign Lucas Vázquez from Real Madrid [AS informed about it on Saturday]. This time he preferred to not give information, “That’s the work of the sporting direction. We cannot lose the concentration from the game against Valencia. They will inform of anything when they have to do it. You know we won’t talk of anything about it. We don’t have money and cannot be talking of our moves in public.”

Valencia’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s afternoon. He was already criticized for the poor results and told to reporters that, "The situation wasn’t great when I arrived. How can a coach change everything in only four weeks? The team is fighting every match, there are no goals but we are always coming from behind and that means having courage. We now lost Alcácer and it’s frustrating not having certain players in a good physical condition. You question my work after four weeks, I respect that, but for me it’s crazy.”

"I know that until I don’t win games you are going to make these kinds of questions, but we will have good and continuous results in the coming weeks. I’m very optimistic, players are working very well. Of the ten results between league and the cup, we have won three and drawn five, it’s not enough, we expect more. My victories have come in the Cup and we must start winning in the league. If you compare the ten games prior to my arrival, then there is not much difference." He added.

The Englishman said that the team is fine despite the current environment surrounding the club, "The spirit is very good, it's a very good group. Of course I would have loved to clinch many victories that would calm things down, but when you get into a new home you have to reform it a bit to make it to your taste, and this is true for me and the players. I’m looking desperately, more than anything, for the fortress at defence. The game against Las Palmas was good in many ways and I’m happy with what I saw, but we need to improve in some things.”

Finally, Neville confirmed that Negredo is going to play, "I think the work we've been doing in recent weeks has allowed us to see an improvement. He's ready to play more minutes and was desperate to get a chance. He is ready to play in case a situation like this. I thank Negredo from staying here, because he has been instrumental and has scored goals."



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