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25 Jan 2016
Another polemic job by a referee at the Riazor. Melero López whistled two inexistent offsides when Depor were about to score, to make things worse Negredo equalized in the stoppage time.

Coach Victor Sánchez presented a 4-4-2 draw with novelties on the wings, because both Cani and Fayçal Fajr were starters. The rest was the usual team of recent weeks. Lux was the goalkeeper, Juanfran Moreno covered the right side in defence, Fernando Navarro performed on the left, while the central positions were for Alejandro Arribas and Sidnei Rechel.

Midfield was territory for Álex Bergantiños and Pedro Mosquera. The right wing was for Cani, Fajr played on the left, while the attacking positions were for Luis Alberto and Lucas Pérez.

Gary Neville was making rotations at Valencia CF, he also switched the draw into a 4-2-3-1. Australian Mathew Ryan was the goalkeeper, ex-Depor Antonio Barragán covered the right side in defence, while the couple at midfield was composed by two young players: French Wilfried Zahibo and Danilo Barbosa. as it was expected Álvaro Negredo was the centre forward.

Not an attractive first part, Valencia were much better within the first 25 minutes, moment when Depor had big problems to move the ball, but after the goal of Lucas the tide changed. Still, it was a poor first part with only three shots on target, only one of them for Depor.

Nothing occurred within the first ten minutes. Valencia were trying to have the ball, while Depor were playing their typical game with fast transitions and quick attacks, but the attackers were missing the last pass. The first goal opportunity came at minute 11 and it was for Valencia.

It was a counterattack after Luis Alberto and Lucas missed a combination inside the area, Parejo assisted Negredo, who was favoured by a rebound in Arribas to enter the area by the left side, but his crossed shot just went close to the far post of Lux.

Valencia were looking better, their ball possessions were longer and had things under control at midfield, while Deportivo only felt comfortable in the counterattack.  The arrivals of Juanfran and Navarro by the sides were ending in nothing, while Mosquera and Cani had problems to pass the ball.

The first approximation of Depor was a shot by Mosquera that went wide (17’). Four minutes later Lucas missed by inches a drilling pass by Luis Alberto, visiting goalie Mathew Ryan cleared the danger. It was a warning of what was about to happen.

Because the combination Luis Alberto-Lucas Pérez showed up to unclog the game. The Valencian collected the ball at the edge of the area and made a fantastic pass to give the advantage to Lucas before the centre-backs. Then the attacker dribbled Ryan and scored from close range. It is his 13th goal on the season.

After the goal, Depor were looking better. It had a clearer idea to attack with fast moves that only missed a last pass or instead a better definition. Cani and Fajr were now appearing in the picture, but Depor missed more depth.

Meanwhile Valencia were lost as they were unable to surpass Sidnei. Still, they had the last chance in the half with a pass by Parejo to André Gómes, but the drilling shot by the Portuguese was an easy catch for Lux (45’).

The game continued to be poor in the second half, but the game will be remembered by the calls of Melero López, who whistled two inexistent offsides when Lucas was about to score. Valencia increased the pressure and found a lucky equalizer in the stoppage time.

The second part had a slow start. Depor were having problems up front, while Valencia were still a harmless team. At minute 51, Lucas scored a goal after a new drilling pass, this time from Fajr, but the referee whistled an inexistent offside.

With the passage of the minutes Valencia increased their pressure, so Deportivo faced a favourable scenario for the counterattack, but the Galicians weren’t creating scoring chances, by the mark of the first fifteen minutes their lonely shot was a wide attempt by Luis Alberto (60’).

Neville introduced Zakaria Bakkali and the Belgian started to give problems to Juanfran. Los Ches increased their pressure, but it was Depor the side that started to enjoy of the best chances. At minute 68, Luis Alberto got the ball at the edge of the area and his drilling attempt was blocked by Ryan.

Then Víctor made the first substitution and Luisinho replaced Cani.  The ex-Villarreal was disappeared in the second part and the Portuguese added mark on the left. The second substitution was the entry of Laure for Fajr.

Juanfran suffered a muscle problem and was replaced by Jonathan, but Melero López was the main actor in this second part. He had other two polemic calls, one was another inexistent offside when Lucas was alone in the field of Valencia (68’), the other was a goal-kick when Depor deserved a second straight corner (72’).

Depor seemed to have things under control for the final minutes, but as it happened against Villarreal, the team conceded a goal in the stoppage time.  It was a secondary play in a corner-kick, Parejo released the cross from the left and Negredo beat Sidnei to score through a header. There was a huge protest at the Riazor after the final whistle due to the work done by the referee.

Depor dropped two points after allowing a goal during the stoppage time. Lucas scored, but referee Mario Melero López was the man on the spotlight with three polemic calls, two of them were inexistent offsides when Depor were about to score.

The draw only extended the winless streak of both teams. Depor remain at mid-table and will live a long week as the next game is until Monday February 1st, again at the Riazor facing Rayo Vallecano (20h30 CET). Lux will miss that game due to suspension (he picked the fifth yellow card of the season).

Deportivo: (4-4-2) Lux – Juanfran (Jonathan 87’), Arribas, Sidnei, Navarro – Cani (Luisinho 67’), Álex Bergantiños, Mosquera, Fajr (Laure 78’) - Luis Alberto, Lucas Pérez.
Valencia: (4-2-3-1) Ryan – Barragán (Vezo 52’), Mustafi, Abdennour, Gayá – Danilo, Zahibo (Bakkali 59’) – Santi Mina (Rodrigo 71’), Parejo, André Gómez - Negredo.
Goals: 1-0: (27’) Lucas, 1-1: (90+2’) Negredo
Referee: Mario Melero López. He showed yellow card to André Gómes (47’), Juanfran (64’), Lux (66’), Vezo (78’), Arribas (81’) & Mustafi (78’)
Venue: Riazor (23,782)
Other statistics: Ball possession (50% - 50%); Attempts to score (5 – 4); Total shots (10 - 10); Shots on target (3 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2- 2); Corner-kicks (8 - 6); Offsides (6 - 5); Fouls committed (13 - 9); Passing accuracy (74% - 78%)





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