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26 Jan 2016
Depor are now the team with more draws among the top leagues in Europe, new bleeding in the stoppage time, while Lucas Pérez and Luis Alberto reinforced the idea that they are the most dangerous players at the team.

The following are the six notes from the 1-1 draw against Valencia CF:

1- New draw, new drama in the final minutes: Another draw for Deportivo, now the Galicians have drawn in 11 of their 21 games in liga tying the mark of Everton FC, now both are the two teams among the top-five leagues in Europe with more draws. Víctor’s team remains winless in 2016.

At the same time, it is the second straight home game with Depor dropping points during the stoppage time. If against Villarreal CF a penalty cost to lose a point, now a goal at the 90+2’ meant a painful loss of two points. No matter the circumstances, Depor cannot concede goals in the stoppage time.

2- The referees: In the last four games in liga the referees have been a factor against Deportivo. Against Villarreal CF, Fernández Borbalán had an impact in the game with two mistakes: to allow an inexistent foul that ended in the 0-1 and later to not concede a clear penalty to Depor when the score was 1-1. Against Real Madrid, despite the heavy loss, it all started with Pérez Montero allowing a goal when a rival was offside.

Against Real Sociedad the situation was more complex, because referee Martínez Munuera whistled a very doubtful penalty that meant the equalizer for the Basques, but before had disallowed a valid goal to them. Now, against Valencia CF, Melero López and his assistant whistled two inexistent offsides that would have meant goals to Depor when the score still was 1-0.

3- Defensive strength: It was something requested to the defence after the last games: to regain control of the situation and return to be a team that only concedes a few shots. And it happened in this match. Depor were in control of the situation in big part of the game with a defensive line that barely gave chances to one of the best squads in la liga. In the end the Galicians only allowed three shots on target, though one of them was a header in the stoppage time that cost a painful equalizer.

4- Lucas & Luis Alberto: Once again this combination brought a goal to Deportivo. Both men were the most dangerous players for Depor in the game, between them completed the 50% of the shots of the team and Luis Alberto has scored or assisted in the last three goals in liga, while Lucas scored in his game number 12 during the season, more than any other player in the tournament.

With intermittent players like Cani and Cartabia, and with Fajr been less decisive in attack, the combination Lucas-Luis Alberto is now the main source of danger in a team that’s the seventh best scorer at Primera División.

5- Counterattack:  Once again Deportivo reinforced its style: a team with big problems trying to attack based in the ball possession, but that’s deadly in the counterattack and in plays that mean a fast transition defense-offense. The goal and the two disallowed actions by the referee are a clear illustration of this.

6- The changes: After failing in the last games with the modifications, now Víctor Sánchez made the right calls. With the increasing pressure by Valencia and with Bakalli bringing problems on the right flank, the coach reinforced the position with Laure helping Juanfran, while Luisinho brought more aids on the left flank as Fajr was more involved in the game at midfield. Later he tried to seize the counterattack allowing the entry of Jonathan for Juanfran. Those were the right calls at the precise moment.



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