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26 Jan 2016
Víctor wanted to emphasise the performance of the team and didn’t give importance to the errors of the referees, but the players were harder and complained about it. Neville said that his team deserved two goals in the first minutes.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was asked if he was feeling sad for dropping two points at the last minute, and he responded that he was happy for the union with the fans and for the performance of the team, “The law that prevails in football is effectiveness. We had opportunities to close the game and in the end the rival has quality and was able to make a play at the last minute. But it cannot shadow our performance. We understand that it is painful to concede at the last second, but the effectiveness is what prevails playing at the highest level.”

“What we want to highlight is the great game by our players, their great effort, and especially the support by our public. It is more important than dropping two points: the communion with our fans. It is the reward to stay competing. We spend two weeks matching the results achieved against our rivals during the first round, and that isn’t bad. Our target s to equal those results or improve them. If we do can do that then we will make a wonderful season.” He added.

The Madrilenian man didn’t want to complain for the inexistent offsides that affected Depor, “There were two calls in offsides that could have brought the second goal before, but there are no excuses and neither is a complaint. The effectiveness is to score goals in order to surpass the rival and here the game ended 1-1. It is part of the situations in the games, we hope to be more fortunate in the future. It is a matter of seconds and you need to decide by inches. What we can do? Nothing, just to wait for more luck. We aren’t complaining.”

But he complained for the yellow card that means a suspension for Lux, “I don’t think it was fair. In the first half no one from any team will try to waste time on purpose. German lost time because the rest of players were just searching for their positions when he was going to take the free-kick. Why to blame him if both teams are searching for their positions? I think it will be simpler if the referee adds time as he has the capacity to do it and not to show the yellow card to a player.”

Finally, Víctor preferred to emphasize the collective work after been asked if he was happy to see Lucas scoring again., “It wasn’t only that he scored, but it was the performance of the whole team. It is what I commented before. If effectiveness is what prevails in football, then it’s wonderful to see our best scorer adding more goals. It is a product of the collective work by the whole team.”

Luis Alberto was more open criticizing the job of the referees, “I am feeling screwed as we dropped two points that I believe that we deserved it. We are also leaving screwed as there were two disallowed goals to Lucas that weren’t the right calls by one meter. But it is like this, sometimes they whistle penalties against you and later whistle offsides. I believe the referees whistle here feeling really calm, like we were the visiting side.”

“I saw clearly the first [offside] by Lucas and was clear by one meter. The linesman cannot commit that error. It is something that cannot be covered. We added a point and keep on going, it was a better game than against Real [Sociedad] and that’s why we feel better.” He added.

Lucas Pérez was more political with the work done by the referees, “I re-watched the play, the pass that Luis Alberto gave to me, and the picture was clear. The referees are human. We suffered more errors, but in the future it could be in favour of us, so we need to remain calm.”

He also said that the team is feeling disappointed with the result, “Clearly we are feeling bad, we had Valencia covered, one of the best teams in Spain, with their budget above ours, they were against the ropes in the second half. We could have killed them in the second part, and we dropped the game with a great play by Parejo and we were left with this sad face.”

Álex Bergantiños said that he was content with the team, but at the same time sad with the result, “I believe we were fine. We saw an intense and competitive Deportivo. The summary is that we are content with the performance of the team, but disappointed with the final result. These are things in football. We faced a team from the Champions League and it was a pity that they escaped at the last second. I believe we deserved more. If we stay in this path we will only lose a few games and will get the goal.”

He was also firing against the referee, “The decisions in the game against Villarreal and Real Sociedad were a little against us, and it’s true that it was determinant. In the first half he was telling our keeper that he could be booked for losing time and it isn’t right to see the referee doing it. He had an inertia and we cannot compete against that. It’s a pity that we cannot fight against that.”

At Valencia CF, Gary Neville was convinced that his team deserved something from this game, "Within the first ten or fifteen minutes we should have scored one or two goals. From there to the 45’ 'they played very well. In the second half we were better in the first 25 minutes. Depor had danger on the counterattack when we were pushing on their field. Deportivo had problems with Bakkali on the left. The lateral free-kicks by Parejo also hurt them, He has performed very well. Before the draw there were times when we could do damage with that kind of passes. Surely Deportivo’s coach will be disappointed to not get the win, but I would also feel bad if we weren’t leaving A Coruña with a point.”

He was also emphasizing the spirt of his team to achieve a comeback, "You speak a lot about a lack of character, but I cannot ask for more in terms of effort and desire. We've traced four or five times in the last few games and I'm proud that the team will fight to the end. It’s one of the hardest things to achieve. I agree that we need to win games. Maybe we are not yet ready to win, but we will be. If you ask me what I want in a team it is to fight until the end and we have it. With a little more patience in the decisions we will get those wins.”



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