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26 Jan 2016
Curious game, with two injuries, one expulsion and a field player ending as the goalkeeper. In the rest of the story Fabril were the superior side with Óscar scoring and brining two assists.

Coach Manu Mosquera presented a 4-2-3-1 lineup with several novelties as three lads were playing in a different position. Róber Suárez was out suspended, so Santi Taboada was the improvised centre-back. Blas Alonso was fit to play, but the coach replaced striker Ben Fisk in the position. The third replaced lad was centre midfielder Ángel Fernández who was the playmaker.

David Gómez was the keeper, Fisk played at the right side in defense, Lucas Viña performed on the left, the centre-backs were Iago López and Taboada. Edu Expósito and Pol Calvet were the centre midfielders, Álex Corredera attacked from the right wing, Óscar García did it from the left, Ángel was the playmaker and Juan Otero was the centre forward.

The rival was Ribadeo FC; the bottom club at the Galician group that’s also the worst defence in the league (36 goals allowed in 21 games). Coach German Campos was playing with Iván González and Javier Pérez ‘Javichu’ as the references in attack.

Deportivo didn’t face too many problems to get three new points, though the game had different incidents. Two injuries forced to make two changes before the 50-minute mark, while Manú Silva had to end as the keeper after Anxo Pérez was sent off in an isolated play. It wasn’t a good game by Fabril, but the punch of Otero and Óscar was enough to secure three points.

Fabril dominated the actions since the kick-off. The first approximation was a cross by Corredera that the keeper cleared before the arrival of Otero (3’). At minute 11, Ángel collected a high cross coming from midfield, but his header missed the target.

And suddenly Ribadeo surprised scoring the first goal in the game. It was a lateral free-kick in which no one was able to clear the danger and, after a drilling cross from the left, Iván González ended scoring from close range. The locals lasted in reacting, the team was unable to complete a shot on target within the first half an hour, but then the reaction came.

Depor B equalized the game in its first clear opportunity in the match. Ben Fisk released a high cross from the right, the ball should have been blocked by visiting keeper Javi Liz, but he just stayed there watching how Óscar García was scoring his 11th goal on the season with a downward header.

Then Fabril lived their best moments in the game, Corredera was close to score the second in a direct free-kick that passed close to the far post (33’) and later Lucas Viña scored through a shot that hit a rival before ending at the back of the net.  He was assisted by Óscar García.

In the middle of both plays Pol Calvet had to be replaced after picking an injury. He was replaced by Manú Silva. Ribadeo had a double chance to score the game at the last minute, but no one managed to push the ball in from close range (44’).

The second half started with a new injury case for Fabril. David Gómez got injured when he was jumping for the ball before a rival and had to be replaced by Anxo Pérez. In this way, and after only 50 minutes, Manu Mosquera had already used two substitutions due to injury reasons.

Despite the set-backs, Depor B continued to be the best team on the pitch during the second part, Oterohad two chances within the first ten minutes and Manú Silva hit the post (61’). The latter was a great play by Óscar, eluding two rivals at the right wing to assist Manú, who fired a low shot from the edge of the area that hit the near post of the visiting keeper.

The last substitution in the game for Fabril was the entry of Juan López for Ángel. And there was time to score a third goal, again Óscar García made the play collecting a bad pass from a rival to end assisting Otero, who scored his seventh goal on the season with a low shot from the edge of the area.

The game seemed resolved with the 3-1, but curiously it was at that point when Ribadeo looked better. First hitting the post (86’) and later in a free-kick that cost the red card to Anxo. The keeper went out to trying to clear a counterattack, but instead committed a foul at the edge of the area that cost him the expulsion. The free-kick ended in nothing, but since the three changes were made, and since Anxo was the substitute goalie, Manú Silva had to be the keeper for the five minutes of the stoppage time. He didn’t have to make any save though

It wasn’t a good game by Fabril. The team lacked ideas and fluency in attack. Truly three goals were scored, but remembering that in front there was the worst team in the Galician group at Tercera. The result leaves Depor B third at the standings, now only five points below new leader CCD Cerceda. On next weekend the team visits Alondras CF, a team trying to avoid the drop zone.

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez (Anxo Pérez 49’) -  Fisk, Taboada, Iago, Lucas Viña – Calvet (Manú Silva 36’), Edu Expósito - Corredera, Ángel (Juan López 69’), Óscar García – Otero.
Ribadeo: (4-2-3-1) Javi Liz - Coki, Isma (Borja 73’), Jacob, Álex Cabado - Dapo (Cube 75’), Rafa Casanova - Miguel Gomes (Andrés Bouza 66’), David, Javicho - Iván González
Goals: 0-1: (18’) Iván González, 1-1: (31’) Óscar, 2-1: (38’) Viña, 3-1: (77’) Otero
Referee: Alain Kevin García Martín.  He showed yellow card to Javicho (32’), Manú Silva (43’), Lucas Viña (63’) and Isma (71’). Anxo Pérez was sent off with a direct red card (89’).
Venue: Abegondo (800)





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