10 Nov 2006
Luis C?Šsar Sampedro is living a complicated situation with N??stic. With only four points in eight matches, he knows that his job is in danger. The Galician coach talked with newspaper <i>La Opini??n</i> about Deportivo and its ambitions. The ex-Racing Ferrol goalkeeper has been appointed a possible option to coach Depor in the future, a rumour that he will like to fulfill.

Q: Tomorrow you will face Depor, a special occasion for you?
A: It will be special. It's an honour to be coaching in Primera and to face a Galician team. It's exciting to play against one of the most important clubs in Spain.

Q: It seems that N??stic started in the wrong way, and Depor seems to be fine.
A: Probably Depor doesn't have the same status of the past, and they are two steps behind Barcelona or (Real) Madrid. For the moment they have started well in the season, but we are still only playing the ninth matchday and it's too early to know where they would end. However, I believe that Depor is making a brilliant season and N??stic is doing what everybody was expecting. We just have to try to end the season in the 17th spot, and we will avoid the relegation.

Q: Depor is different when they play as visitors. What Depor are you expecting to see?
A: I don't see the difference between the Depor that defeated Atl?Štico Madrid and the one that lost with Levante. The only differences are the results. Football is based on small things and I believe that the differences are there.

Q: Are you surprised with the performance demonstrated by the young players that have arrived to Depor?
A: No. Verd??, Cristian, Arizmendi...  they are important players. Maybe they didn't find the room in teams like Barcelona, but they are talented. If you have talent and persistence, you will play every game as a new challenge, and you will resolve the game with your quality. The important thing is to face every match as you were playing for your life, and that's what these boys are doing.

Q: Arizmendi, Lopo and Capdevila in the national squad. Surprised?
A: Not at all. I think that they have done enough merits to be in the national team. This case can tell you about the level of this Deportivo, one that possess important players at a national level.

Q: How far can this Depor go on the present year?
A: I see a powerful Deportivo that will make good things, they have players that are wishing to achieve things, they have a good coach... I can see a European Deportivo.

Q: And Caparr??s is betting on young people, like he did in Sevilla. What do you think?
A: He is a man that wants players wishing to be that, players. Men wishing to be something, ones that will face every game as it was the last match of their life. He is a really serious and working man.

Q: It's a dream for you to be facing Deportivo in Primera?
A: Six years ago, when I started as a coach, I was dreaming to be directing a team in Primera. Now with a lot of hard work and with some luck, I have fulfilled my dream. To reach Primera is complicated. Now I have a new challenge, to stay in Primera. I am here working, fighting and I believe that at the end, the results will arrive.

Q: Do you see yourself coaching Depor in the future?
A: Well, I want to do the merits, for that reason I am working outside Galicia, maybe someday I will have the chance to coach a Primera club in Galicia. I will love to.

Q: Things aren't fine in Tarragona, do you have an ultimatum?
A: There isn't an ultimatum, but I know my job and if I don't start achieving victories, I would be fired as it happens to any coach that doesn't win games, these are the rules of football. N??stic wants to save itself and if a coach doesn't succeed, it's normal that his work will start to be criticised.

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