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03 Feb 2016
Lucas and Luis Alberto continue to pave the road to the goal at Deportivo, the team is now the king of draws in Europe, while the referees continue to have a negative impact in the games. Tenth post on the season.

The eight notes from the game against Rayo Vallecano are:

1- Another draw: 12 draws after 22 matchdays on this season and Deportivo are now the team among the top-five leagues in Europe with more draws. The fact of been the king of draws has good and bad things. The positive thing is that the team isnít losing and remains adding in the quest for the permanence, and in this case it demonstrated again a fighting spirit as Depor had to come from behind twice, something that occurred for the first time since the 2-2 draw with Real Sociedad during last season.

The negative thing is that a draw only means to add a point and Depor only added two of the last six points disputed at home, more importantly two games in which Deportivo demonstrated that it deserved to win. The team remains in the middle of the standings four points behind Europe and now ten points above the pit.

2. Again the referees: Fifth straight liga game with the referees committing important errors and in the major part of the cases against Deportivo, a fact thatís beginning to be suspicious. This time IŮaki Garridos was a disaster in a general sense. He didnít show any card despite there were enough reasons including wasting time, while he should have conceded a penalty to Depor when the score was 1-2. A couple of bad calls in offsides also had an impact in the game.

3- And again Lucas Pťrez and Luis Alberto: This continues to be the most dangerous duo at Deportivo. In each attack both men were looking more dangerous when they looked for their partner. Combined Lucas and Luis Alberto completed 9 of 17 shots made by Depor in the game. Four of the last five goals in liga were scored with Lucas and Luis Alberto assisting each other, definitely the combination for the goal at Deportivo.

4- Idol: The news that Pedro Mosquera was staying after receiving a big offer from Valencia CF meant a boost among the fans, the public thanked his attitude with applauses and an ovation at minute 5 (his shirt number). He continues to be one of the preferred players of the fans though he didnít feel comfortable in this game, the Galician barely stepped in offense to the point that he didnít complete any shot, something that he normally does, but still he was the player on the field with the better passing ratio (83.7%)

5- Fajr shows up: After a couple of games in which he wasnít a factor, FayÁal Fajr was now an important actor in the game. With Mosquera having problems, it was the Moroccan the Deporís player with more touches (66) making two key passes and scoring a sensational goal that meant the final equalizer.

6- Manu: The shadow of doubt was surrounding Manu since his return to Depor, after not been a factor in Copa Del Rey, he had now the big opportunity to clear the ghost replacing Lux in liga, but he just reinforced the doubts with a terrible mistake that cost the second goal. It should seal his future at the club.

7- Only one change: Once again VŪctor called the attention with the changes that he made... or better said the ones he didnít make. For the first time on the season he only made one substitution -Jonathan for Cani- and it left the impression that he could have done better with Oriol Riera and JonŠs waiting on the bench as his team was searching for the victory, especially since Fajr was having muscle issues within the last ten minutes.

8- Another ball hitting the post: Depor could have won the game after Luis Alberto hit the post in the middle of the second half, it is the tenth time on the season with Depor hitting the posts, only FC Barcelona have more in la liga (15).



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