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03 Feb 2016
Not too many happy faces after Depor missed the victory again, this time Víctor criticized the referees, while the players prefer to think that better times will come.

Coach Víctor Sánchez believes that Depor deserved better luck in the game, “I believe Deportivo were superior to Rayo, apart from both goals Rayo had one more chance and Depor had eight, very clear chances. Rayo is a team characterized by creating a lot of chances and I believe we were fine in that aspect. Later we created a lot of goal opportunities. The team made a great game, but what happens is that we were highly penalized by our errors. I would give eight points to the team and then points to the fans, because they were always supporting. The players reacted well and never surrendered.”

After not wanting to say anything on last week, now the Madrilenian man was talking of the referees, “Again a referee that affects and we remain hoping to have a favourable referee. We only ask to not been affected by the decisions. We are still waiting for some fortune, we aren’t the ones to valorise the work of the referee, but it’s true that in the last games, mainly at home, the polemic decisions have affected us. I believe that today we saw a clear penalty, and in the stoppage time they wasted a lot of time, he allowed them to throw a corner-kick, and later didn’t allow us to throw a free-kick… we still waiting to change our luck.”

About the error of Manu, he said that, “I believe that Manu made a very good game. I don’t think that Manu assisted a rival. It was a technical error, a bad pass and it cost a goal. The pity is that the rival had three chances and scored twice, while we made ten opportunities and two goals.”

He was asked if the team was feeling tired at the end of the game, “Starting on minute 25 of the second part, there was a bump and lasted until minute 80, but later we ended playing on the side of the rival. We spent the last ten minutes on their side, Luis Alberto had a chance and Jonathan had two.”

Finally, Víctor was trying to explain why Depor are missing to win games in 2016, “We are missing luck and aim, in some occasions it is a matter of luck and in others it is the aim. If we have more aim in defence and offense, then we will win. We were close to win before Valencia and Rayo, but we need more. The victories will end coming “

Lucas Pérez was giving his view on the game, “It is complicated having the disadvantage twice, they scored early and we equalized. Later a misunderstood cost the second goal and we reacted after the pause. We saw the great goal of Fayçal and enjoyed of twenty minutes to kill Rayo, and I believe the key to the game was there.”

About the play of the penalty the Galician attacker commented that, “From my view it was penalty. Last week it also happened and it’s over. It’ useless to talk of the referees, sometimes they benefit you and it others they affect you. We can only keep working.”

Alejandro Arribas admitted the errors in defence and also said that Depor deserved to win, ““We weren’t alert in the first goal and this is football, there are mistakes and you paid the price. The second goal is a failure that we assume for trying to play with the ball. We could have decided to clear the ball and avoid the goal, but we decided to do that and the team assumes the error. I believe the team deserved to win. I believe we should have gone to the pause with a draw and there was only one team in the second part.”

The Madrilenian defender was also commenting the job of the referees, “It seems we aren’t lucky to see the referees guessing right and hopefully someday they can give things to us as they took away from us within these last games. It is something that we deserve.”

Pedro Mosquera wrote a message thanking for the tribute received at minute 5, “I want to thank everyone for the ovation at minute 5, also the supporting messages on social media and on the street. I want to say that, if I decided to stay, it is for the love that I received from the city since day one. This love is mutual. We will keep working to achieve the goals. You transformed this day into one of the most special ones in my life and I won’t forget it.”

Cani was saying that the draw isn’t so bad, “One more point and with one matchday less. Undoubtedly we wanted to win, because as soon as we reach the goal, the better. But well a new draw and the pressure is for the teams at the bottom. What happens is that we spent a lot of games without winning, but when you cannot win then the best thing is a draw, an against a direct rival for the permanence neither is bad. At least we didn’t lose.”

He was also commenting the performance of the referees, “I think that it was penalty. He was close, but talking about referees, sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. We deserved more, but don’t want to think that it was for the referee, because later it can favour us. My experience tells me that you end where you deserve, but it is getting hard to win.”

Fayçal Fajr was proud for the goal that he scored, “It was the best goal that I have scored in my career. The goal was incredible and I didn’t even know how to celebrate it. It wasn’t a lucky goal, because I train it during the sessions.”

At Rayo Vallecano, Paco Jémez wasn’t too content with his team, “The start in the second round is encouraging and now we have two games at home before Las Palmas and Sporting, both will decide a lot. The game was highly disputed by both sides. We had the advantage twice, but it wasn’t enough to get the three points.”

“It isn’t a game that I liked and I believe the first half was very good, we have to improve, definitely, we still allowing a lot of goals and I didn’t like the first twenty minutes in the second half, because we were unable to go out of our area, though later we interpreted the game. The good thing is that we snatched a point and made a good game by phases, we have four more points compared to the first round and it is the goal to be safe.” He added.



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