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08 Feb 2016
The game at El Molinón defines the season of Depor: a team that only concedes a few chances and that always ends drawing. Lucas and Luis Alberto continue to be the most determinant players in attack.

The following are the five notes of the game Vs. Sporting

1- Nothing new at El Molinón: If someone hasn’t followed Depor’s performance on the season, the game against Sporting is a good summary, because again the Galicians left the impression of a serious team that only concedes a few chances -only two shots on target for the Asturians- The goal can be considered as an accident as it was a deflection that fooled the goalkeeper in a game in which Sporting never gave the sense of overflowing Depor.

But neither the Galicians overflowed the rival, because Depor didn’t create too many scoring chances despite improving a lot in the second half, therefore it wasn’t a surprise to see the visiting team drawing for the 13th time on the season. It’s the highest number of draws for any team among the top-five leagues in Europe. The good thing is that Deportivo have only lost four times, only Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have lost less games in la liga.

The two faces of the duo: Álex-Mosquera: Very different performance of both Álex Bergantiños and Pedro Mosquera in both halves. In the first they suffered a lot and even dragged negative factors for Depor, like the early loss by Mosquera that was transformed into a counterattack that ended with Arribas having a yellow card by minute 6.

Both men improved a lot for the second half, to the point that turned into positive factors. Mosquera had more freedom and started to control midfield territory, it is the main explanation why Depor were the best team in the final part. 

3- L&L: The society of the goal appeared again for Deportivo, Lucas made a great play on the left, dribbling a rival to end assisting Luis Alberto, who netted his fifth goal on the season with a strong shot from inside the area.

Five of the last six goals of Depor came with this combination. Perhaps Depor are not winning, but it is neither losing thanks to these goals. Also to point out that Lucas has scored 14 goals and now has provided 4 assists, so he has been directly involved in 18 of the goals for Depor in la liga. Only five men in la liga present a better number: Luis Suárez (26), Ronaldo (26), Neymar (25), Bale (21) and Benzema (19).

4- No solutions from the bench: Once again Víctor lasted with the changes and only made two -he is the coach that makes less changes at Primera- but the thing to emphasize is that the modifications didn’t have an impact in the game, something also occurred in past meetings.

In this opportunity Luisinho didn’t change the picture and, actually, he lost the ball only twenty seconds after entering in a play that almost cost a goal, while Cartabia only touched the ball nine times, though his last run should have meant a dangerous direct free-kick that wasn’t whistled by the referee.

5- Lux’s clearances: It has been a tendency throughout the season: each time Lux gets the ball he immediately tries a long throw searching for a counterattack, but this formula has created nothing; actually it has been the opposite as it only allows the rival to attack again, this since the major part of the plays ends with the ball going out and returning to the rival just seconds after regaining the possession.

This situation was pretty clear in this game with Lux easily given the ball to the rival as his quick throws were going out or were returning to the boots of Sporting’s players. The Argentine man attempted 38 long throws in the game and only 12 met the target (32%) and none of them created a scoring opportunity.



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