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13 Feb 2016
Depor’s coach continues to be calm despite Depor is missing the victory in 2016, while Betis’ manager wants regularity, something that his team has missed all season long.

Juan Merino Ruiz has spent almost his entire life linked to Real Betis. He was a centre-back that debuted at Primera in 1991 at the age of 19; he spent 12 seasons with the Andalusian club and was the team’s captain. He played 315 league games with the team and later joined Recreativo de Huelva (2002), place where he played for five years.

Merino retired in 2008 and became the second coach of Betis under three different coaches, after a briefly career in 2011 as a the first coach of Xérez CD, only 4 wins in 17 Segunda presentations, he was fired and returned to Betis in order to take charge of the B squad (2014).

After only seven months he was chosen as the replacement of Julio Velázquez at the first team and it called the attention that he won his four games at Segunda, but the officials decided to send him back to the B squad as Pepe Mel was hired. Now, one year later, he returns to the first team as Mel was sacked due to the poor results. This is his fourth game with the current team (1 win, 1 draw & 1 defeat) and is also his first meeting with Víctor Sánchez Del Amo.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he talked to reporters for fifteen minutes, he started assuring that there’s no problem as Depor have missed the victory in 2016, “We prepare ourselves in the same way with the idea of searching for the three points. And we hope it will arrive against Betis. We analyze all the situations and there’s calm. You can have your opinion, but we understand that the draws are coming as we are constantly searching for the victory, so there are no worries. We are close to the victory, but for punctual circumstances it has escaped from us. But the important thing is that we are drawing and not losing, the problem would me if you lose and lose. It allows us to be in a good position at the standings.”

About the rival, he emphasized the differences with the team of the first round, “It has nothing to do with it, the change of coach and, besides, it is a team that’s growing and in a good dynamic, also, their last result against Valencia was great. They are stronger and compact lately, as all the games it’s going to be very difficult for their need. Each day we are closer to the end of the season and all the teams don’t want to leave the work for the end, and that need is pressing all the teams.”

“This is an ordered team, they didn’t concede opportunities against Villarreal in a tough stadium like El Madrigal, and at Anoeta they offered a little worse impression facing a more intense Real Sociedad. They also made important signings in the market, it gives them a plus, especially in offense and we are prepared for this.” He added regarding the issue.

He also explained that Lopo and Juan Dominguez are out as both are sick, “They were unable to train today, both were ill and also dragged problems. The criterion in order to be chosen is the performance, in order to be in you need performance. The ones in are the ones that are in the best way regarding the performance.”

The Madrilenian man was also talking of Betis’ coach, Juan Merino, “We were partners in the coaching preparation course. I’m glad for a person with whom I shared my phase of preparation. I hope he will have continuity, because he deserves it.”

Asked if there will be a special mark over Rubén Castro, he answered that, “We won’t reveal our plans for the game, but I can already tell you that we don’t make special coverages over any rival; neither against Betis nor against any other rival.”

Then the coach revealed that he talked with both, Mosquera and Juan Dominguez, about a possible exit during the winter window, “When a player ask you for advices, then I know what to advice: take your own decision, it’s not a matter of pushing anyone. I told him to make a decision according to his ideas. About the situation with Juan, he talked to me about the chance of going out and he told me that he wanted to stay. Finally, Víctor explained the condition of Celso Borges, “Obviously, if he is in the roster it is because he’s ready to play, off course.”

Betis’ coach addressed the media no Friday’s noon; he is optimistic and hopes that his team will show a regular performance, "I have seen that the squad is fine, in all aspects. The feelings that I have is that we are pretty good, I see the group mentalized. Knowing that we have a very important game against a tough opponent, but if we are one hundred percent ready then we can get the three points. We emphasize what Ceballos said yesterday: that apart from Gijon and Rayo the team was close to win, but we lost. As we know, this type of situations, this game for me is the most difficult, because throughout the season we haven’t shown regularly and I want it as a coach.”

He was talking of Deportivo, "Deportivo is there for their own merits, they are coming from a very good first round. It has given them peace, it reinforces the psychic. It has humble but powerful players. Lucas Pérez is living a very good situation, during this year he is proving to be one of the best strikers in the tournament and is comfortable and we have to have some surveillance. A good team that ultimately chained six games without a win, but it neither lost. They have a little lower now but you don’t defeat them so easily. That they say now that we more competitive? It is important to hear that we are competitive, that's what I convey to the group. “

The Andalusian man was asked if he is going to repeat the lineup and the answer was, “When a team wins then big part of the players that were performing trend to continue, but if I have to make a change then I will do it depending of the rival that we are facing and also depending of the work done during the trainings.”

Finally he talked of Charly Musonda, one of the sensations after his debut against Granada, “"He did something very good, everyone liked it. He was vertical, has speed, a daring behavior and has quality. If he continues doing what he has done then we can say that he’s a player that will progress, surely he is growing. Having that profile and quality he must always show commitment and strength in defense, something he also has. I hope that we will help us on the wing, we needed that level of speed and it’s easier when things go well for you in the first game, you have a mirror to look yourself. If he does the same then it will be quite important. I think, and I hope, he will give us a lot." 




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