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15 Feb 2016
It was the game in which Deportivo did more to deserve the three points, the draw is establishing a couple of new marks. Great game for Álex and Sidnei, while Lucas continues to be important at the moment of scoring the goals.

The following are the seven notes from the game against Real Betis

1- The unusual game on the season: All the teams trend to have one game like this on the season: they deserve a lot more according to the statistics and to what they did in the pitch, but for one particular reason they end losing or drawing. Sometimes it happens in more than one game and that’s the case for Deportivo, side that recently had deserved more than merely clinching a lot of draws.

But this was the game in which the differences were bigger with the team missing the victory. And it’s that the superiority of Deportivo was pretty clear judging by the statistics. The Galicians completed 25 shots, 10 of them on target and had 10 corner-kicks, while Real Betis barely had chances to score. But in the end the Galicians only picked a point, and the particular reason for it was the seven saves by visiting goalie Adán plus the ball cleared at the goal line by Bruno.

2- The king of draws: The high number of draws on the season is starting to reach a level of records. For the first time in the history of Deportivo the team has clinched draws in five straight liga games, while at the same time this was their 14 draw after 24 matchdays, never before a Primera side had so many draws at this height of the tournament.

3- A new comeback: The result at the Riazor is more painful since it is the fifth straight draw in liga and the team continues winless in 2016, but the positive thing is that for the third straight opportunity the team came from behind to end picking a point. Depor started losing against Rayo Vallecano and Sporting Gijón, in this opportunity it scored the first goal, but ended the first half losing. This ability to find the way to comeback is important for a team searching for the permanence, because it’s always important to add a point.

4- Lucas, the best scorer and the best assistor: In the last two games Lucas Pérez didn’t score goals, but he brings assists. With his two assists in this match he has reaches six on the league season, the highest number at Depor.  The Galician attacker has now scored twice and provided three assists within the last four games, in other words he has been directly involved in five of the last six goals.

5- Great second part by Fajr: Fayçal Fajr didn’t have an impact in the first part, but things drastically changed for the second half. The Moroccan started to play as a third midfielder instead of been attached to the wing and Depor noticed the improvement. Fajr not only scored the equalizer, but he had more chances and ended as the player with more touches in the game (81)

6- Álex Bergantiños was the guide: Usually, Pedro Mosquera is the player with more touches and the motor at midfield, but this time the role was for Álex Bergantiños. In a complicate game with Depor missing a lot of o passes, he helped to avoid a bigger damage making 5 interceptions and a couple of key passes. And to round his performance he scored a goal.

7- Great game by Sidnei: Betis had a lot of room for the counterattack and Musonda was a nightmare for Depor with his speed, but it turns out that those are the main virtues of Sidnei Rechel. The Brazilian was the best defender and the main explanation to understands why Betis were unable to do more damage. He made 6 tackles and was anticipating a rival that was unable to capitalize their counterattacks.



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