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13 Nov 2006
Once again the performance of Caparr??s's team away from the Riazor was criticised by the media. Some journalists have even started to write ironic comments about this situation. After all, it was the best occasion to achieve a win as visitors. N??stic is living in the relegation zone, and the Catalan team was facing the game with a lot of injuries and suspensions.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Soon the National Institution of Health will prohibit to see some matches in order to avoid risks between the population, and we aren't talking about the nervousness that this games can generate. It can't be good for a person's health to be in front of the television seeing ninety minutes of the poor presentation that Gimn??stic and Deportivo showed on yesterday's confrontation. I don't care about Luis C?©sar's squad, I limit myself to enjoy of the game exposed by Caparr??s's team (what a fool I am). Yesterday once again: nothing of nothing. If to this boring game we add the 120 minutes played in the copa, it seems that I will have to visit my doctor. He should give me some medicine in order to correct the disease that's affecting our football.

Deportivo's coach always talks good things about the talented players. He says that this men are those that he likes to use when he needs some quality in the squad. Sincerely, I don't know how they can do it. I believe that Verd?? has talent, I already said that I admire Adri??n, in Cristian I see some things, and I will like to see the same Riki of Getafe. Although all of this players performed in Tarragona, we couldn't saw their skills during the match. Impossible. With the ball travelling several meters over their heads, the best thing that they can do is to visit doctor Cobi??n, so he might prescribe something for the pain in the neck. I don't know if Caparr??s is the guilty one for this situation, but I know that this players can do better things. If they try to do it and then, they disappear from the line-ups, I will convince myself that Caparr??s is the one that doesn't want to play pretty. Just in case that yesterday's performance would be repeated during Sunday's match against Celta… I am going to put myself into treatment. Arturo Pati?±o.

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo has only allowed eight goals in la liga. It isn't a bad mark. Another clean sheet was saw on yesterday's game. And in this way, with a solid defensive line, the successes is near to be reached. But is necessary to remember other aspects of this game. With this defence, Europe is certainly something that can be reached, but with the present attacking zone, no. The presence of Adri??n in the starting eleven can be understood in two ways. One, the courage of Caparr??s since he is giving minutes to the young people. The other side of the story, as a new step in the desperation of the Utrera-born coach in order to find a forward. One that could give him a minimum contribution in terms of goals scored. The second explanation seems to more reasonable, because Adri??n remains a rookie. He is a player under construction, one that has been forced to play thanks to the circumstances. Anyway, with or without Adri??n, the certain thing it is that this Depor needs something more. Fernando Hidalgo.

El Ideal Gallego: A draw against a living dead. Deportivo will not find a more easy rival in order to inaugurate its count of victories as a visitor. Against the humble N??stic de Tarragona -candidate to the relegation- the Blanquiazul squad didn't  accumulate merits to defeat the wall that coach Luis C?©sar put over the pitch. In resume, another game to be forgotten for a Deportivo that's losing the way to Europe. Armando Palleiro.

Sport (Barcelona): Possibly the fans left the Nou Estadi asking themselves what is needed to see a new victory for their loved N? stic. Yesterday, the game of Luis C?©sar's team was sensibly better compared to the previous games, and the lack of effectiveness upfront was the only thing that blocked the achievement of their first win at home. This lack of effectiveness is the only thing that can be criticised from N??stic's game, because the squad was superior against a Deportivo that was too much conservative, they barely generated danger against Rub?©n P?©rez. A. Mart?­nez.

El Mundo Deportivo (Barcelona): Yesterday N? stic made one of its better games during this liga season, and it was useful in order to break the negative mark of five consecutive defeats. And the best thing is that this good image was offered against a very solid Depor. The men of Luis C?©sar took the weight of the game and enjoyed of the clearest opportunities, against a rival that was very firm, mainly in defence, and that also had its options. If the matches were decided by the points, like in boxing, the unanimity of the judges would give the victory to the team of Luis C?©sar, because without discussion, they deserved the triumph. Enric Pujol.

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