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15 Feb 2016
Despite not been able to win a game in which they deserved much more, the coach and the players were content because the team is competing and also adding points. Víctor confirmed the injures of Cani and Navarro.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was aware that his team deserved a better result after having a lot of scoring chances, “Well, what are we going to do? We drew under the support of the fans and we cannot say anything else. We made a great game, among the best we have made on this season. I don’t know the record of shots on this season, I saw the stats and we made 25, we had 15 clear chances, a lot, and we can only congratulate our players.”

“All the teams commit errors in the competition, but what happens is that it is penalizing us. Today we committed three errors and we allowed two goals, we created chances in the inside and outside, and there were a lot of saves by their keeper and even a defender cleared the danger at the goal line. I said it before: the law in football is marked by the aim, and to have aim we need to work harder and work harder. It isn’t the first time in which we don’t win a game in which we were superior, the good thing is that instead of been suffering we added a point, but the important thing is the performance of the team and it makes us to be calm.” He added.

The Madrilenian coach was explaining that both Cani and Navarro were replaced due to physical problems, “In the case of Cani there isn’t an official statement, but I asked him and he didn’t feel any prick, it is only a muscle issue. The doctors will say. In the case of Navarro, he suffered a knock and therefore was suffering issues, so we replaced him in order to avoid a bigger problem. Besides, it was good for us the entry of Luisinho.”

He was asked about the great game of Sidnei and the answer was, “There are a lot of players that are shinning; we always say it: when you have a good collective performance, that habitat allow the individualities to show up. A lot of players are shinning, not only Sidnei.”

Finally, Víctor denied any problem with Luis Alberto as the attacker wasn’t too happy after been replaced, “I know him pretty well and there was nothing; he was telling me in the changing room: he has that character, because he always wants to play. This is a team and you need to respect everyone.”

Sidnei Rechel was saying that Depor deserved a better result, “We missed to score one more goal. We made a great job and sought for the victory. We only missed to score one more goal to achieve the victory. We deserved the victory, but football is like this and we need to continue working in order to achieve the victory in the next game.”

The Brazilian was among the best players in the game, but he preferred to emphasize the job done with his partners, “I believe the whole team was fine, because we made a great job. We need to continue in the same lane. I’m happy with the performance of the team and let’s hope we can continue in the same way.”

Fayçal Fajr scored the final equalizer, he was content with the performance of the team despite this was the fifth straight draw in liga, “We had positive feelings, truly we drew again. Surely people is thinking that we are having too many draws, but with the second half that we made, having a lot of chances, the true is that we are adding points. Their keeper made a lot of saves and we need to continue working, because surely we will win again. Their keeper did everything good and we made a great game too, all our players had chances to score and we weren’t lucky.”

The Moroccan said that the team isn’t affected for only picking a point despite having enough chances to win, “That could be the impression for the people in the outside, but in the inside it doesn’t affect us, because we are adding points. We play against teams trying to avoid demotion, they had two chances in the first half and scored two goals, but we aren’t affected by this and surely we will win on next week.”

Álex Bergantiños admits that the team is sad for not winning, but also remembered that it isn’t losing, “Just like the last games at home: maybe we deserved more after having so many chances. But well, we need to be satisfied with the performance of the team. We made more chances than the rival and concede less, we are depending of having more aim. In this game the keeper made the saves and there was a chance cleared at the goal line. If we are lamenting for not winning, then the positive thing is that we neither are losing and the team is competing. Been down in the scoresheet the team always gets up and we are content with the performance.”

“Clearly the draws help you to add points and you cannot despise them. Truly you deserved more, but as soon as when we can achieve a victory it will multiply the value of these points. We need to keep working in the same way. The fans are satisfied and we must remain with the impression that the team is intense.“ The midfielder added.

At Real Betis, coach Juan Merino was satisfied with the point added at the Riazor, “For the spectator it was vibrant, intense and with a lot of opportunities. It was possible that we could have seen more goals and I liked Depor. We got a point playing against a very good team.”

“This is a point playing in a very difficult field. The players were at the limit of their possibilities. I am content with the players. The last ones were tough matches, we added points against Villarreal and Real Madrid, we lost at San Sebastián and won before Valencia, now we draw on here. The team is competing and it is what we want.” He added.



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