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16 Feb 2016
The seventh defeat on the season for Fabril. A big error of David Gómez opened the gate in a match in which Depor only created a couple of chances in the second half.

Coach Manu Mosquera was forced to improvise at defence. Róber was still injured and Santi Taboada was suspended, so Canadian Sam Piette had to perform as a centre-back, while the other Canadian at the team, Ben Fisk, was playing as a right-back. Meanwhile, centre midfielder Pol Calvet was returning from suspension and was a starter.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1, David Gómez was the keeper, Ben Fisk was playing at the right side in defense, Lucas Viña performed on the left, the centre-backs were Piette and Iago López. Juan López and Pol Calvet were the centre midfielders, Álex Corredera attacked from the right wing, Óscar García did it from the left, Edu Expósito was the playmaker and Juan Otero was the centre forward.

The rival for the occasion was Racing Vilalbés, team that’s in ascending run with three straight wins before this meeting, including a 1-2 win visiting leaders CCD Cerceda. Coach Oscar Gilsanz was relying in Gerardo Carrera and Sergio Arias for the attacking positons.

Once again Fabril missed to show its potential, it had big problems during the first part before a rival that gave some problems in the set-pieces. Depor’s lads improved in the second half and had a couple of chances with Otero, but when they seemed better the rival scored a goal after a big error of David Gómez and the team was unable to react.

Nothing special occurred in the first half, both sides had problems to create scoring opportunities in a game that at times was played under the pouring rain. The best for Fabril came with Óscar moving on the wings and the set-pieces with Corredera, one of his free-kicks represented the best chance for Depor B in the half with a shot that was saved by local goalie Javier Ares ‘Viusky’.

Meanwhile, Racing Vilabés had the ball possession, but neither created too much danger. Their best chances also came in set-pieces, the main one was a corner of Gerardo Carrera that was headed by centre-back Xusto and the ball went close to the near post (40’).

Fabril improved in the second part, mainly because the ball was reaching the path of Otero with Óscar continuing to be the most active player for the visiting side. Just starting the second part Otero had the best chance in the game for Depor B.

 Xusto missed to clear the ball properly, then Óscar got it and made an individual move to end assisting Colombian Otero, but he missed the target from close range just when Viusky was on the ground (50’).

Racing Vilalbés responded with a header by Make that was saved by David Gómez, five minutes later Otero had a new chance to score, but this time Viusky blocked the ball in the one-on-one action.

Then it came the big error that was going to pave the way to the local victory. Gerardo took a corner-kick at the left side, he sent a cross into the near post, David Gómez jumped for the ball, but instead of clearing the danger he ended pushing the ball into the net.

And just eight minutes later the locals defined the game in a new defensive error, Iago López failed at the moment of clearing the ball at the edge of the area, Make got it and drilled the ball into the path of substitute Rubén Gómez, who scored through a low shot from close range.

The second goal killed Fabril and there was no reaction despite Manu Mosquera made the changes with Ángel Fernández, Hugo Rama and Borja Domingo entering the field, the last one was a forced modification as Otero got injured.

Seventh defeat on the season for a thick team that only created a couple of chances until the second half, neither Racing Vilalbés had a lot of opportunities, but they capitalized them. The result leaves Fabril 4th at the standings, now only two points above Racing Vilalbés. On next Sunday, Depor B host leaders CCD Cerceda (Abegondo, 12h00 CET).

Comments by Manu Mosquera: ”I have a high respect for Racing Vilalbés, but it’s incredible to see that they won this game. I am not saying that we should have won it, it’s just incredible that we lost it.”

Racing Vilalbés, Viusky - López, Muíña, Xusto, Álex - Poratti, Make (Pablo Vivero 89’) - Javi Varela, Iago Blanco (Rubén Gómez 60’), Gerardo (Hugo Criado 73’) . Sergio Arias.
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Ben Fisk, Sam Piette, Iago López, Lucas Viña (Ángel 77’) – Juan López, Calvet (Hugo Rama 84’) – Corredera, Edu Expósito, Óscar – Otero (Borja Domingo 80’).
Goals: 1-0: (66’) Gerardo, 2-0: (72’) Rubén Gómez
Referee: Daniel Calderón Pérez. He showed yellow card to Make (29’), Lucas Viña (31’), Ben Fisk (32’) and Gerardo (58’).
Venue: A Magdalena (150).






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