19 Feb 2016
Fede Cartabia conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia, the Argentine playmaker admitted that he hasnít been matching his best level, but wants to redeem myself scoring some goals within the last fourteen matchdays.

Q: How are you after numerous ups and downs throughout the season?
A: Frankly well. I am eager to play.

Q: Itís hard to have opportunities this year. You had yours, but lately, you barely enjoy minutes.
A: Yes, but I am calm. I'm working very well, which is important ad when the moment arrives, then try to take advantage of it, as I have always done so far.

Q: Do you know what you have been missing to get into the starting lineup or at least to enjoy of more minutes?
A: To have a little more aim and tranquillity. Because, the true, perhaps I am rushing too much. I'll try to improve it in order to return as soon as possible to the starting eleven

Q: It's funny that, although you are barely playing, when you are on the field, you can hear the murmur at the Riazor. Because a lot is expected from you.
A: Yes. And itís to be appreciated. I havenít offered the performance that I wanted, not yet, but there are fourteen games remaining, the most important ones of the season, and I will try to do more. First, the permanence, and, personally, to score more goals and make a step forward.

Q: A step forward?
A: Yes. The Fede of this year has nothing to do with the one of last year. I have to get better.

Q: And does this improvement, as you say, includes to score more goals.
A: The goal covers many things. If you score goals, then everything is forgiven. While you play bad, if you score goals, who will say anything? So I need to score a couple.

Q: What do you know of the possible interest of Deportivo to reach an agreement with Valencia to keep you in A CoruŮa?
A: I know there have been contacts, but I prefer to be left out of it. Fourteen matchdays are remaining and the important thing for me is to focus on the game and on the team. We have to achieve the goal of the permanence and then we'll see.

Q: In a few months your child will be born. Would you like to bred him in A CoruŮa or itís time to think about other things?
A: I have to admit that Iím very happy here. Hopefully I can continue. But you never know. Work is sacred. And if you cannot be here, then it will be elsewhere.

Q: Returning to your presence at the starting eleven. With Cani injured, it looks like you might get the chance, but Victor is testing the trivote, something that would leave you out.
A: Nothing happens. As I say, I have to work every day. If you are faithful to your work, the opportunities will arrive.

Q: Another important casualty may be Lucas.
A: Yes, both are important because Cani made a great game. I donít know if Lucas will be or not, but if in the end he doesnít play, then the team will notice it much, because heís a very important player for us.

Q: You face a Espanyol thatís going from bad to worse.
A: We know that Espanyol will come out to bite within the first 20 or 25 minutes. They want to go out of the pit and for that reason they will go out for everything. So we will try to hold on and go out for the counterattack to score a goal.

Q: Depor havenít even scored in the new field of Espanyol. Do the numbers tell you something?
A: I donít believe in that. Itís something that doesnít interest me. The statistics donít contribute anything. Look, if you see the ones of the last game, we made 25 shots, we should have won and we didnít do it. So these are just numbers.




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