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20 Feb 2016
Depor’s coach believes that the absence of Lucas shouldn’t be an excuse, while he plans to switch the system. The coach of Espanyol is optimistic despite the poor moment of his team.

Constantin Gâlcă  is a Romanian retired footballer with an important career in Spain playing for RCD Mallorca, RCD Espanyol, Villarreal CF, Real Zaragoza and UD Almeria (1996-2006). He also made 68 appearances with his national team, including four in the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

He became a coach in 2009 and had a poor run of results with UD Almeria and Romania U-17 squad, but during the season 2014/15 he conquered the Romanian league and the cup with Steaua București. Then he was hired on December 14 as the replacement of Sergio at RCD Espanyol, at the time the team had a decent difference with relegation, but the club’s officials didn’t have a good relation with the former Depor’s player and decided to sack him.

The true is that the arrival of Gâlcă just made things worse, because since his arrival RCD Espanyol have only won once in liga and, with only 2 of the last 24 points in dispute added to their tally, they are now only one point above demotion and it’s expected that he will be fired in case of not winning this game. This is his first confrontation against Víctor Sánchez del Amo.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked to reporters for 10 minutes. He started talking about the fact that a victory will mean to reach the same number of points than in the entire past season, “It’s a good symptom, we want to win and we are prepared for it, but our goal isn’t only to reach that goal, we want to go beyond.”

Then the Madrilenian coach talked of the absence of Lucas, “When we have a casualty it is conditioning us, but the other players are here for something and are working for that during the trainings. We have enough alternatives, so there is no excuse.”

“Lucas needs rest. He has accumulated a lot of intense minutes and, besides, he is an explosive player. The doctors believe that it is convenient to give him some rest, so we can avoid further problems as the issue won’t lead to a more serious injury, and that’s the decision that we made.” He added regarding the issue.

About the rival, he commented that, “It is a team in the middle of a convulsive situation, but they have very good players. They have quality people, especially in midfield and attack. They play good football and have made very good games. With the need that they have, it makes us think that we will face the best version of Espanyol on this season, something that seems contradictory for the moment they are living. But they can be activated and made a great game before us, because of their need and their quality. That’s the Espanyol that we will meet.”

Then a reporter asked if defender Albert Lopo is still out injured, but the coach confirmed that the Catalan is out for a tactical reason, “It’s a tactical decision. We picked the players that are in the best conditions for the game.”

There was also a question regarding the use of the 4-3-3, he commented that, “We have many options and manage different systems. We are prepared to play with different systems. It’s one of the options that we have. We can play with three strikers and we will see. We can also play with two strikers and wingers. Those are the systems that we manage.”

Finally, Víctor was commenting the fact that Depor and Lux are negotiating a contract renewal, “I don’t know his situation, but there’s an open negotiation and we want to see him staying.”

Espanyol’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is aware that this could be his last game, but prefers to be optimistic, “This is a very important game for us and the lads are mentalized in the game and are willing to win. In Valencia we deserved to win and now, with the support of the fans, we are going to do it. I trust in our fans, I’m convinced that our people will be with us as the fans of Valencia were with them until death. I hope they will guide us to the victory.”

“For us it is important to have a full stadium and to see the fans supporting us at every moment. The team will give a lot more. We were unable to win in Valencia and it’s time to be more pragmatic in our game and obtain the best performance. By my side, I am feeling fine and am convinced that we will move forward.” He added.

The Romanian was asked by the lack of goal of Caicedo, Gerard and Asensio, the answer was, “Without aim in front of the goal it is difficult to win. We had our chances, but are missing aim. Those are moments in the games in which you could decide things and we aren’t doing it. It’s also important the moment lived by the team and the player, it influences at the moment of not winning a match.”

Gâlcă was asked if Deportivo, side that has lost the last four visits to RCD Espanyol, is the perfect rival to start a comeback, and he said that, “I don’t know if they are the right rival for a reaction, we are only thinking of the three points. We want to win this game.” 




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