27 Feb 2016
Juanfran Moreno conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa, the Madrilenian defender is convinced that Depor are playing much better at home than on the road and is aware that the team is feeling the pressure for not winning in 2016.

Q: What would be the proposal by the new Granada of Gonzalez?
A: A very intense game, aggressive and very physical, a meeting of what we're playing, which is the permanence.

Q: After so long without winning, are you eager to compete as soon as possible?
A: Yes, especially and most importantly, because a victory brings us closer to our goal; and then also because you work hard, you work very well, and in the end you arenít winning, and you arenít happy because the important thing in football is to win.

Q: Despite the slump in the results, the team has made good games at the Riazor.
A: Depor leave a very good feeling at the Riazor. I donít remember a bad match of Deportivo at the Riazor, but itís true that outside home it has been hard. Against Espanyol, with Sidneiís injury, we were missing two key players, Lucas and him, and we noticed it.

Q: Were you surprised with the entry of Laure at the left back?
A: No, because he had already played there and, curiously, it was against Espanyol in the first round game when Navarro got injured. Also sometimes we have trained this. It's something that doesnít seem so strange because, in day to day, the work has been done.

-Q: Sidnei wonít take part of Sundayís game, but Lucas Pťrez returns. A relief for everyone?
A: Yes. Of course. Lucas is a huge plus and itís very important to count with him.

Q: The bottom club arrives to the Riazor and Depor remain winless on this year. Is a duel of need?
A: The need is the same because we both want the permanence. They come after changing the coach and us after a run of many games without a win. We have much need to win, to break this streak and to give joy to the fans.

Q: Do you really see the need of both teams comparable despite the twelve points that separate them?
A: Yes. To be honest. While the target is not met, adding up the streak of nine games without a win, the need is high. Despite these good feelings and the good games at home against Betis, Rayo, Valencia or Villarreal, in the end if you donít win then you leave with a bad taste.

Q: Is a burden such a long negative streak?
A: It weighs, because whenever you donít win thereís the chance that you could have done better, for example in terms of goals conceded. Thereís always some action that penalizes us for our failures and it ends turning around in your head as a professional, and you see it and train. Whatís important above all is to continue with this path that we have at home, very good football and later to get the win, because in the end what reinforces you is the victory.

Q: To you, and to the fans.
A: Our fans are great. The other day in Barcelona there were a good number of fans in a difficult game for us. They donít fail. At the Riazor we are seeing a great atmosphere and it is a pleasure to play at home. It rains, it's cold or windy, but the fans are there and see good times and a good level of the team, and we werenít expecting at this moment to be with 32 points and 11 away from relegation. It would be nice to bring them a victory, give them applauses after the game and go home all happy.

Q: Do you see the team less compact lately?
A: Our intention is to not been a team of ups and downs but to be a much more compact. Itís true that the fact of wanting to win is leading us sometimes to the unbalance. Sometimes we are going with everything to attack and forgetting that a draw, although it is not seen like that, is also good.

Q: Is VŪctor insisting this week precisely in the importance of being solid?
A: The coach always likes that the team could be compact. It is our desire, as players, we want to win, and it leads us to be a little unbalanced, but he always wants the team to be together and compact. What he wants is very clear. There are times when thereís an exchange of blows with the rival, but itís intended that the team could be compact and intense. The line is the same as the beginning of the season.

Q: Then is a problem only of results?
A: Totally, because I was very happy the day of Villarreal, Rayo, Valencia, Betis, like I wasnít happy with the away games because it's costing us more. Without being an inferior team to others and without deserving to lose, itís true that there is a difference between the Depor at home and the Depor on the road.

Q: Do you deserve to have more points than what you currently have?
A: I think that Depor deserve more, that's obvious, but in the end you think it isnít worthy to think that we could have more or less. The important thing is this Sundayís game against Granada, at home and with our people. Itís easier to play at the Riazor because the fans are pushing a lot. Itís noticed that the team pays much more at home, because it feels wrapped and gives more. A lot of people travelled for the away games, but here at home it is a pleasure to play.

Q: Are you surprised how cheap are the European places and the salvation on this year?
A: I'm surprised more for the upper positions, because Europe is close to the bottom. We have to look down and up because it is possible. I hope it could be a very cheap permanence, like last year, this in order to be closer to the goal now. I think it will be in 37 or 38 points. I would be surprised if it ends to be higher. The important thing is to get three wins, because with 41 you are saved. Clearly the streak that we have leads us to realize that the first and most important thing is to be save. Now it comes a week with three games and if everything goes well you can have the goal close. You have to give everything because this week is crucial.

Q: In the individual aspect, do you feel physically better than ever since you arrived to Depor?
A: Personally, I see me very well. I know myself, and like last year I didnít see me well all season long and was fatal, with many problems, now I see myself great. We make a great job since the pre-season with Nacho [Oria]. Not only me, but the whole team and we arrive fine to the end of the games. We are very powerful and the physical data that we have it shows that we are fine.

Q: However, can be affecting you the strong start of the season?
A: It's not that we come from a poor run of bad game but bad results. The team is still doing very good games, but it is costing us to close the games. I donít think we have gone down in that area. It's true that we had some very good results early in the season, which was to start the year in a very good way, and what you need to do is to return to winning ways. Surely a win will give us confidence. The team needs a victory to emerge stronger, because the work is still very good but the victories are the facts that reinforce you. The team needs it and deserves it.

Q: Though it doesnít depend only on you, would you like to continue more years at Deportivo?
A: Yes of course. I have it clear. The club is happy with me, I was lucky that the coach trusts me and what I have to do is to keep working now and at the end of the season I must try to improve, because you can always improve those defects and continue growing to earn the opportunity to be here for many years.




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