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29 Feb 2016
Another terrible game by Deportivo; only two shots on target before the bottom place, side that even deserved a bigger score but that missed very clear opportunities.

Coach Víctor Sánchez surprised as David Navarro was performing as a centre-back leaving Albert Lopo sat on the bench, the spot at the left sector in defence was for Luisinho, who curiously complained during the week for not been a starter. The rest was the expected 4-3-3 figure.

German Lux was the starting goalie, Juanfran Moreno covered the right side in defence, Alejandro Arribas and Navarro were the centre backs, while Luisinho played on the left side.

The three centre midfielders were Álex Bergantiños, Pedro Mosquera and Celso Borges, Fayçal Fajr attacked from the right wing, Luis Alberto did it from the left and Lucas Pérez was the centre forward.

At Granada CF, coach José Manuel González was debuting and presented, sort or less, the expected 4-4-2 lineup. The novelty was that David Lombán was out, while ex-Alcorcón Jean-Sylvain Babin was a starter at the centre of the defence. The references in attack were Rubén Rochina, Isaac Success, Venezuelan Adalberto Peñaranda and Moroccan Youssef El-Arabi

Disastrous first part for Deportivo, the only good thing is that the score was only 0-1, because Granada damaged with their counterattacks taking advantage of the softness at defence, while the local team had the ball, but barely created any danger at the opposite goal.

Deportivo had the initiative since the first minute, the first approximation for the Galicians was a wide shot by Borges after a short pass by Álex Bergantiños (7’).  With the passage of the minutes the game turned to be fast, with the ball barely passing through midfield as Granada CF were looking for quick transitions searching for Peñaranda, while Depor were also hurrying up the plays with short passes to Lucas and Luis Alberto.

Then the locals started to lose presence in the attacking half, the team was lacking depth and the visitors started to look dangerous with their quick attacks, but they also missed depth; therefore there were no clear opportunities and neither shots on target within the first 18 minutes.

Suddenly Lucas had a big chance to score, it was quick play in which the Galician attacker collected a short pass by Luis Alberto, he entered the area by the left side of the area and faced Andrés Fernández, but the chipping attempt just went out close to the far post (18’).

And then Granada earned a penalty, Peñaranda, who was a real nightmare with his speed, led a counterattack in which he eluded Luisinho and Juanfran came from behind to push the attacker when he was at the edge of the area. The penalty was whistled and El-Arabi scored from the spot.

After the goal the script in the game was pretty clear: Granada were looking dangerous in the few counterattacks they had, while Deportivo had the ball and pushed for the equalizer, but at the same time Los Blanquiazules were unable to enter the area as they met a wall that was clearing all the danger.

The only clear chances for Depor in this frame of the game was a shot of Lucas that was deflected to corner-kick (27’) and a wide shot by Luis Alberto (37’). Meanwhile, Granada should have reached the pause with a two-goal advantage, but in their last attack neither El Arabi nor Rochina knew how to push the ball in as Lux blocked the counterattack and later Arribas cleared the ball with the face when he was standings at the goal line (44’). A clear picture of the defensive disaster in the first part, because Peñaranda was always winning the back of Luisinho and Navarro.

There was no reaction from Deportivo, the changes of Víctor never worked and Granada CF continued to be the best team on the pitch even wasting chances to score, though without the same insistence of the first half. To make things worst Lux was sent off in the last play of the match.

The final part started in the same way, Granada found plenty of room to release the counterattack, but somehow they were never founding the way to create a scoring chance, while Depor were insisting on the left wing, but all their crosses were cleared by the defence. Within the first five minutes they released four and all of them were cleared.

The game turned to be an exchange of blows between two teams missing gunpowder; Depor never knew what to do with the ball, while Granada continued wasting their chances. At minute 57, Peñaranda missed a clear chance in a counterattack when his team had a numeric advantage, but he sent the ball out. After this play he was replaced by Edgar and the Andalusians started to have less opportunities.

Víctor ordered the first substitution and Oriol Riera replaced Álex Bergantiños and Depor started to play with a 4-2-3-1. Before the modification Lucas had the first chance for Depor in the half, but his header missed the target (62’).

At minute 64, Lucas found the ball at the edge of the area, but his low shot went into the path of Andrés. After this opportunity the locals continued to look more dangerous, at the same time Granada continued having chances, like the shot of Rochina that Lux cleared with the leg (66’). But that picture only lasted some minutes and Depor returned to be a plane team.

Víctor was desperate and order the last two substitutions with Oriol Riera and Jonathan Rodríguez entering for Juanfran and Borges, but the presence of four attackers over the pitch never fixed the things and Deportivo continued to be a thick team, the only chance in the last frame was a volley from Riera that missed the target (82’).

To make things worse Lux was sent off at the last minute, one of the countless counterattacks for Granada ended with substitute Barral heading into the goal, the Argentine goalie left the area and tried to clear the danger with a high kick, but he missed the ball and instead hit the attacker (he left the pitch with a wound on the ribs). The referee showed the red card and Jonás Gutierrez ended the game as the goalkeeper.

Terrible game for Deportivo, it was an important game as Depor were hosting the bottom place, but the team only completed two shots on target and conceded a penalty that was enough for a team that could have achieved a bigger victory taking in mind their clear opportunities.

Now Depor drag a negative streak of ten straight games without victories, the team is now 11th and now the difference with the drop zone has been reduced to eight points. There’s no time for the rest as on Wednesday Depor visit Athletic Club (San Mamés, 20h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-3-3) Lux – Juanfran (Jonás 82’), Arribas, Navarro, Luisinho – Álex Bergantiños (Riera 62’), Mosquera, Borges (Jonathan 88’) – Fajr, Lucas, Luis Alberto.
Granada: (4-4-2) Andrés – Lópes, Ricardo Costa, Babín, Biraghi – Rochina (Barral 79’), Doucouré, Khrin, Success (Barral 89’) – Peñaranda (Edgar 58’), El-Arabi.
Goal: 0-1: (23’) El-Arabi (penalty)
Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera. He showed yellow card to Juanfran (22’), Navarro (32’), Edgar (84’), Costa (87’) & Andrés (89’). Lux was sent off with a direct red card (90+2’)
Venue: Riazor (23,616)
Other statistics: Ball possession (61% - 39%); Attempts to score (3 – 7); Total shots (13 - 9); Shots on target (2 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 - 2); Corner-kicks (6 - 6); Offsides (1 - 5); Fouls committed (12 - 12); Passing accuracy (83% - 69%)




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