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01 Mar 2016
Víctor was trying to explain what he did with the tactic and the substitutions for the game, while the three players that addressed the media were trying to transmit a message of tranquillity.

Víctor Sánchez was feeling sorry for the result and commented that Deportivo deserved more on this game, “It was another game in which, without been inferior to the rival, we are leaving empty-handed. For us, without been one of our best games on the season, knowing that we were facing a rival that was going be locked up at the back waiting for a chance in the counterattack, we were unable to claim the lead having opportunities for it, and later in a play without importance they found a penalty, the victory and the defeat for us.”

“Evidently, as we were looking for the comeback, they found the spaces in the counterattack, with fast players like Success and Peñaranda, but I believe we did more and deserved a better result. We had clear chances and again missed aim. They gave me a data about more than 30 crosses into the area, counting corner-kicks and set-pieces the number was 45 and if we were unable to make a single goal then we must keep working as we need to improve in all aspects, because it isn’t enough with this.” He added.

Later the Madrilenian man was trying to explain the strategy for the match, “In defence we were playing with a 4-4-2 and in attack those players perform towards the centre, it isn’t a defensive trivote. For us it was also important the contribution of the side defenders, because they can add depth, with specialist in the sides to create crosses, and that was one of the keys to the game, and for that reason we wanted Juanfran and Luisinho, but it was hard for them during the first half. They had to come from behind to collect the ball and we talked at half-time. Those players bring possession, secondary actions and game on the sides, later Celso and Álex come from behind in order to join the attackers. That was the idea, but the true is that we didn’t have aim in the final shot. We missed continuity and you end exposed to the counterattack. I am not saying that it was a good game but we dominated the rival, we had a lot of opportunities and we missed to translate it into goals “

The coach was criticized for his changes, and he was trying explain them, “We were trying to achieve a comeback. The first one was Oriol as we were creating a lot of chances through crosses. In the first part we had problems and talked about half-time in not trying to comeback for the ball and that depth also brings secondary plays and chances though the centre. We introduced Oriol as he is our main specialist in those situations, but we were unlucky to find him. Later the same with Jonás, Juanfran was already tired and Success was hammering, so Jonás entered as  he has a solid job coming up and down, and later with Jona the change was made to see if he can get a chance through his skills as a striker.”

Later victor avoided to use the work crisis, but admitted Depor are living a bad moment, “It isn’t our best moment on the season and we can only remain calm, analyze the game again, as we always do, search for the errors and work in order to improve. As I said before it isn’t enough with what we have. We knew the second round was going to be more complicated and you can notice that the team at the bottom are pressing, maybe us were relaxed and the message is different. Maybe you don’t react until suffering a hard hit, so we need to keep working and maybe it’s the moment to wake up, because clearly we need more. We aren’t the first team to live a negative streak and we must keep working.”

Finally, he explained why Navarro started playing at the centre of the defence, “Fernando has played there before and he offers guarantees. It was the most interesting choice for the game taking in mind the characteristics of the rival.”

The players wanted to transmit a message of tranquility as Deportivo have now spent ten straight matches without a win.  Juanfran Moreno was saying that, “We tried to go out in order to win. They surprised us in a play in which they won our back and got a penalty, later it was a matter of attacking, attacking and attacking, but the ball didn’t enter. We neither had clear chances and it wasn’t possible. You feel impotent as they defeat you through an isolated play. He penalty was clear as he surpassed Luisinho and I arrived late.”

He remains positive despite the negative streak, “We have 36 points and we cann0t dramatize the things. We remain having 36 points and truly the dynamic is bad as we spent a lot of time without winning and this can only be changed with a victory, so we must keep working in order to get the victory. We can only keep working and surely the victory will come due to the way we are working.”

Fernando Navarro was reflecting about the current situation of Deportivo, “It’s logical to have doubts after been so long without winning, but we are optimistic and have clear ideas as we want to change the path, because no one likes to be winless for so long.  As soon as we can change this, the better. The reality is that we are eight points above relegation, which invites to remain calm. We aren’t worried, but busy trying to change the streak.”

Later he was trying to explain what happened in the game, “They knew the game could be like this, with fast people in attack and with the change of the coach, he said they were going to be locked and searching for the counterattack. Every counterattack was bringing a big doubt at our side and sometimes the games are like this.”

Celso Borges commented that, “The feelings aren’t good, evidently, we are frustrated and sad for today’s result. I believe we tried, but when things don’t work out, and they take advantage with a penalty whistled in a counterattack, then there’s a virtue in the rival.”

The midfielder was also calling to be cautious, “It’s understandable, we are the first ones that aren’t happy with this situation and are looking to leave this bad streak. My message is of positivism. It’ normal to be upset, but it is normal in these streaks. You need a victory to leave this mental state and hopefully it will arrive soon. We have deserved it and we cannot desist.”

At Granada CF, coach José González was saying that this was a starting point for his team, "I'm more than satisfied, especially for the three points, but also by the intelligence shown by the players to assimilate the concepts, because it’s difficult that a coach could change the face of the team in only three days. The success is of all the players. with that commitment the team can add three points every week. it's a very good starting point."

He also admitted that his team suffered in the second part, "If you give the ball possession to the rival then you will live a bad moment; you will defend all the time and Deportivo could have scored in any of the situations they had. We've been lucky in that sense. We were wrong to get the early goal and we have to be smarter in that sense, have the ball and to see the rival suffering more."


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