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04 Mar 2016
A thick Deportivo didn’t find any offensive game as the three motors at midfield didn’t find the ball, Navarro suffered a lot on the left side of the defence, while Riera scored in liga for the first time in almost a year.

The eight notes from the game Vs. Athletic Club:

1- The nightmare continues: Deportivo extended their winless streak to eleven games in liga (thirteen in all the competitions), this was the third straight defeat in liga, something that not only occurs for the first time on the season, but also for the first time since the arrival of Víctor Sánchez to the bench.

Once again the team allowed goals in an official game and extended the streak to 12 official games allowing at least one goal, beyond this data Depor allowed four goals in this match, only in the visit to Real Madrid the team faced a worst score (0-5). The only good thing is that the goal scored by Depor was the first in three games cutting a goalless streak of 270 minutes. Besides, Depor will continue to be the only winless team in 2016 and the worst at Primera in the new year.

2- Víctor hasn’t regained the control: The worst news from the game is that coach Víctor Sánchez remains incapable of changing the negative dynamic, if before his changes were not making any effect during the games, now the modifications made at the initial lineup are worthless.

He made five changes compared to the past defeat with Granada CF, but by half-time two of those novelties were left on the bench. It just gave the feeling that the coach is incapable of at least slowing down the downfall as Depor are looking weaker with the passage of the matchdays. The worst part is that the team is not following the plan established for the meetings, after the game the coach said that one of the keys was to mark Beñat, but at the same time he admitted that the players did the opposite as the Athletic’s midfielder was unmark in big stages of the encounter.

3- Bittersweet debut for Pletikosa: Despite allowing four goals, it cannot be said that Stipe Pletikosa had a bad debut. He made a couple of good saves, mainly one with the feet when the score still was 0-0 and little he can do in the goals. His big and only mistake was a bad pass that almost cost a goal when the score was 1-0 (32’).

The Croatian made history becoming the oldest player at the club making a debut in liga (37 years and 54 days), he should also be considered as the oldest player to make a debut at Primera División, this without considering the curious case of Harry Lowe, an English coach that in 1935 replaced one of his players at Real Sociedad due to a last-minute casualty, something against the present rules as only inscribed players can take part of the games. He was 48 at the time (48 years and 226 days). Juan Marrero Pérez ‘Hilario’ was the previous oldest player to debut at Depor (1941, 35 years and 308 days)

4- Disaster for Navarro: If somebody lived a nightmare in this game it was Fernando Navarro. The veteran was unable to do anything before the moves of Susaeta and De Marcos on his side, the first three goals came from that sector and to make things worse he lost the nerves after a couple of confrontations before Aduriz. After the fourth goal he was replaced by Manuel Pablo. The Canarian didn’t face the same difficulties, but only because the locals were already content with the score and weren’t pushing with the same strength.

5- Depor didn’t have the ball: It isn’t a novelty to see Depor giving away the ball possession, something common in the away meetings, but this time it was different as the team lacked depth and always gave the feeling of been clueless. The reason for this was the scarce presence of the players that should develop the transitions defence-attack.

Because Fajr, Mosquera and Borges didn’t touch the ball as it happened in past occasions, with an average of 70 touches per game for these three men, now they barely passed the mark of 50.  Mosquera, who against Espanyol had the best mark of the season with 109, now only touched the ball in 64 opportunities. Fajr only made 50 touches, his lower mark in a game playing the full 90 minutes.

6- Plane in attack: Precisely the absence of a motor at midfield provoked the picture of a Depor without ideas to attack.  The team tried to attack, but was losing the ball before arriving to the area, in the end it only completed 7 shots, 3 of them when the score was already 4-1. Without anyone controlling the traffic at midfield, Lucas was too alone and ended the game without shots, though he alone made the entirely play of the goal.

7- Another wasted chance for Jonás: Jonás Gutiérrez made his third appearance as a starter in liga and once again he passed unnoticed, to the point of been replaced at half-time. He only made 29 touches and had a terrible passing ratio of 31% without completing any shot.

8- Oriol Riera finds the goal: The only good news from the game is that Oriol Riera finally scored a goal, truly it was a play in which he only had to push the ball in after the great pass by Lucas, but it’s important to have the confidence of the goal This was his first goal in liga in almost a year as the previous one was scored in the visit to Málaga CF (April 26, 2015).



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