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04 Mar 2016
The coach believes that the key was the lack of strength at Depor; he was also blaming the strong rain, while Juanfran said that this was the worst performance on the season.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was saying that the lack of strength and even the strong rain affected his team, “The result says everything. It marked every aspect in the game and we now have to analyze the game again to see the things in which we failed, surely we will find a lot. Right now there’s an aspect shinning before the rest, which is the lack of strength, there was a big difference between both teams in the physical aspect and it led us to see our defensive system lacking strength. Surely there was a conditioning factor in the first half, which was the rain, the pitch was slippy and it created some situations of lack of precision, off course Athletic knew how to adapt to those situations, we were slipping and crashing against ourselves, we lacked strength in our defensive system and also missed precision in attack, we were also slipping and didn’t have clear ideas in attack, and their superiority was reflected in the scoresheet.”

He also pointed that one of the keys was to see Beñat feeling pretty comfortable on the pitch, “We didn’t want to see Beñat thinking, but he was feeling comfortable and it allowed them to find order and then release crosses, later the strength of Athletic at both areas is pretty well known. In the second part we tried to fix some things, we stayed with three men at the back and started pretty well as we scored, we were in the game again, but then were penalized by our lack of strength at defence. The perception is that the physical difference between both teams was big. They practically connected all the crosses released into our area.”

Finally, Víctor was trying to explain the plan for the game, “We came here today trying to break the negative streak of results, we tried, but it wasn’t our day and it is time to prepare the next one.  The initial plan was to be a compact block, evidently the situation of the pitch affected the passing game that we were practicing before and we weren’t able to avoid situations of danger. We lacked strength in everything. I believe our team has demonstrated that it isn’t afraid, another thing is that things aren’t working out.”

The only player that had an emphatic response after the game was Juanfran Moreno, who described the game as the worst on the season, “Today we have made a very poor game, without doubt the worst game on the season and it’s time to rest, to understand that it isn’t enough with this.”

He is also hoping to avoid bigger problems, “In the second part we made some variations, we scored soon, but they also scored the third soon and later came the fourth goal. Later it is true that we had opportunities, but it’s worthless to have chances with a 4-1 in the scoresheet. They deserve the result and we must return to be the team of the past. We hope the season could end up in the best possible way, it would be a pity to throw all the good work made before.”

The rest of players didn’t make a deep analysis in what’s happening to Depor; Oriol Riera was emphasizing that Depor must only think of the permanence, “We will analyze what happened and what the team must do is to keep working searching for the salvation. No matter people believe or not the goal is the salvation and we are on that, trying to achieve the points that can give us the salvation.”

“We tried to score and the third goal came too soon, it was harder after that. But well, the team has shown courage in past occasions and we must continue in the same path until getting the goal.” The Catalan attacker added.

Manuel Pablo was saying that Depor failed in trying to cut the dynamism of the rival, “We knew they have a high pace here at San Mamés and we had problems outside home in past games. Their dominion was constant and we didn’t know how to cut it, over there they won the battle.”

“Every game is different, but you know that they are strong and we needed to equal that. Maybe we didn’t know how to cut the plays and avoid their dynamism. They feel released and pushed harder and, if you don’t end the plays, then there’s only more danger.” The Canarian defender added.

Laure believes that Depor must take note of all the things did wrong in his match, “We met a hunger team that was pressing us and we lacked depth. The true is that we didn’t feel comfortable. With the 2-1 you open a door for hope, but they scored the third really quickly. Now we need to fix errors. The positive thing is to have self-criticism and see the errors.”

At Athletic Club, coach Ernesto Valverde was pretty happy with the performance of his team, “We had more patience and in some specific moments we had more width. It was a good game by ours side, because we tried to attack with speed and we achieved that; we had many chances and it is something reinforcing our work.”

‘Txingurri’ was also praising Aduriz and his hat-trick, “Aduriz is a player that never stops of surprising me, he is incredible, and he is aware of it. The rivals fear him and he knows that… Athletic play for him and I never saw something like him, it seems utopic, but I end up without adjectives in order to describe him.”


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